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With the new Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 from Google announced on Monday we noticed a compatibility problem between older games based on Unity 3.4.x and the new Android OS 4.2. Specifically, older games would crash (or otherwise malfunction) when run on Android OS 4.2. The Unity 3.5 series and the upcoming Unity 4.0 does not suffer from this issue.

While we always encourage our users to use the most recent version of Unity, since it includes improvements and fixes for other problems as well, we also acknowledge the fact that upgrading an old, otherwise fully functional, already released title might not be time well spent for some developers.

Therefore we applied the necessary changes on the old Unity 3.4 sourcetree to bring you a Unity 3.4.2 hotfix. Please note that this release is provided as-is, and that only minimal testing has been done. It’s also only suitable for Android development – no other platforms are supported. If you have a title currently in development, and still use Unity 3.4, we strongly suggest you ignore this hotfix release, and instead upgrade to Unity 3.5 (or Unity 4.0).

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I think you are right. There is definitely a compatibility problem between the older games. They need to fix it.

[…] Unity 3.4 Hotfix for new Android devices – Unity Technologies Blog […]

ok . i send email right now and attached project in both 3.4.1 and updated to 3.5.5 version
and hope receive good and fast answer .

@saeed: blog comments are NOT the proper place to discuss the bug reports. We will forget about “hey, I remember there was a comment on the blog that I have to do something about”.

“what information i can send to help?”

Write all details to your bug report (just reply to the email that says your case is 491810). Right now the largest problem with that report is that it does NOT have a repro project attached. Without a repro project we can’t reproduce the problem.

i wrote device model in my report .
samsung galaxy gio . cpu is ARMv6 with VFP,i test on android 2.2 and android 2.3 and both is same.
and i export my project with “Minimum API Level” on 2.0.1 (Api Level 6) , 2.1 (Api Level 7) , 2.2 (Api Level 8), 2.3.1 (Api Level 9) . i have unity android basic . i have check dynamic batching . graphic level opengl 2 , no dll or plugin just unity code and its not just on my project any scene in any unity project (e.g Penelope unity tutorial project angry bot) have this problem . i try unity 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 all have good fps and 3.5.0 3.5.1 3.5.2 is disaster and 3.5.3 3.5.4 3.5.5 3.5.6 have bad fps .
if its possible try it on a galaxy gio device .
and what information i can send to help ?

@saeed: it could be specific to some devices only. As always, telling us “there is a problem!” and then not providing a repro case most likely won’t get it fixed. Because we read your post, try a bit outselves, can’t reproduce the problem and move onto other things. We need actual repro project, and details on which devices/OSes/… you reproduce the problem.

We can’t fix a problem if we don’t know about it’s existence, or can’t reproduce it locally ;)

i know about “optimize mesh data” . without this option unity frame rate drop 50% and if check its drop 20% . i have test all 3.5.x (1,2,3,4,5,6) version .3.4.2 is fastest version .at least 20%

unity 3.5.x is at least 20% slower than 3.4.2 version , and because of that most of android developer use 3.4.2 , we are send bug report but nobody in ut listen to us

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