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Spotted this on Reddit thanks to one of our own staff, Jay Santos, and felt compelled to blog about it – Tyrus Peace is a game developer and artist who has utilized Unity to make an awesome beat em up / shoot em up called Hell Bear 2000. Not your average game jam in a week – this game was created to help raise awareness of his friend Daniel’s brain cancer. We’re massively impressed by his friend’s dedication and creativity in the name of helping raise awareness and funds, plus its a pretty ace game – a nice Cubemen-esque art style, and a very slick presentation.

Check out the game itself on Reddit via Tyrus’ links, and then if you’d like to help Daniel, go visit and share his page –

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  2. Wow very impressive and unique idea. I wonder how much he fundraised for his friend?

  3. Hey,that’s very nice.

  4. One of the moments that you guys feel something awesome! unwritable and undescribable, wormth, mad and crazy, powerful and strong and united under something. Unity is uniting humans on many things :)