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Just over a year ago there were a million Unity enthusiasts around the world. As of June 22 this year, there are now 2 million of you. Holy cow!

And, to all our new users: welcome.

Getting to a million developers was an extraordinary achievement. Now, it’s clear that Unity is by far the most used game engine in the world, and simply one of the biggest software development platforms of any kind… yes, I mean in “the category that contains C++, Python, Ruby-on-Rails”.

That’s how insane that number is.

Making Unity better, more accessible

Pairing your talent with our excellent software is helping open up the entire industry, and bringing awesome game-style products to other industries too. This motivates us to keep doing the crazy hard work it is to push Unity further, and further, and further.

We stick with our idea of democratizing game development, making wonderful tools available to all. That’s why we recently made deployment to iOS and Android completely free for individual developers and small companies, and we are doing the same thing with our upcoming Blackberry 10, Windows Phone and Windows Store build options. Plus, we will make the full Pro add-on for Windows free for Unity Pro users when it’s ready for release (soon!).

We also lowered the price barrier by introducing a Unity Pro subscription plan. This new way to get your hands on Unity Pro has been so popular that we will continue to offer it in the long term.

Simple and powerful stuff, and sustainable, meaning we’ll also be there for all of you tomorrow, and next year. That’s important.

Celebrate good times!

To celebrate the 2M milestone, we’re picking one lucky developer – selected at random –  who will receive a full all-expenses-paid trip to Unite 2013 in Vancouver and a development suite including Unity Pro plus all commercially available Pro add-ons including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry 10.

Keep at it.

David Helgason

Read terms and conditions

PS: The lucky winner is Rob Smith from Nameless LLC in Irvine! Congratulations!

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  1. Another million Unity developers in the house, “son” :)
    Best engine in the universe :D

  2. No doubt this is one the best game engine. Keep it going guys. Great work..

  3. Unity will always be our most loved engine and community :)
    because they have our backs.

  4. hi
    i need project fps walker and raly

    please help me

  5. WOW Unity deserves it

  6. Congrats on 2 million.This will help unity become a greater engine.

  7. 2000000 is cool, great move to bring Unity to all these other platforms. Any chance that FirefoxOS is supported anytime soon? I want to get rid of all mobile phone platforms with built-in access for NSA. I will instantly drop all those nasties for FirefoxOS.

  8. David !

  9. Marcin Majchrzak

    7월 12, 2013 12:20 오전


  10. Very nice! What makes me happy is that you use Mono ;)

  11. that’s AWSOME

  12. Wohooo… BIG CONGOS to UNITY. BEER TO ALL (who drink it) at UNITY ;)
    cheers… ;)

    My first game SIVG with the awsome tool UNITY3D

  13. Unity is the Game Engine and it deserves it.
    I have tried to use other Powerful Game Engine out there but when you have used unity 3D, there is no going anywhere else, and that’s a fact.
    The guy who designer the tool really thought about the user experience and the Joy and ease that one can have Designing game and other applications.
    You really have changed Game Development as it is no longer exclusively reserved the elite, it is for everyone to experience and have a chance to be creative.
    You changed my life and I am sure you have done so for some many others and
    that is why I love you guys, I really do… and I am forever grateful

  14. Congratulations, Unity. The best program I have ever used.

  15. @GINTAS
    It means when you buy unity pro, you get unity pro for windows store, Windows RT and windows phone 8 for free.
    The normal unity pro for PC, Mac, Linux and web player still should be bought. Windows here refers to windows Rt&Store and Windows Phone 8.

  16. I have not been with Unity for so long, But I can say that I’m already proud!!

  17. Amazing news! But what does this means: “we will make the full Pro add-on for Windows free”?

  18. congra :D

  19. That is an amazing milestone, I’m glad to take one head count :)

  20. Koblavi said it as best as possible.
    It’s great specially for us which have been with you since older days. I’ve been here from 2.5 windows beta and know the engine from 2.1
    Amazing job guys
    Not because 2M users registered, cause of the genius which gathered the best tools in the best way possible together to make something this great. This greatly shows that some right decisons and looking into a problem from another angle, eventually making values which other engine providers don’t have can end up in greatness.

  21. Think back 6 years guys….and now say TWO MILLION! Amazing milestone for UNITY. Proud to be a part of it :D

  22. Nice! Is there an estimated date on the new GUI features? 2013 or 2014 release date, I hope?

  23. To the last message.

    And I 10.
    Next year 4, well o.k. nearly 4.

    “We will see”, said the blind man to the deaf man and he said, “WHAT”?

  24. Congrats team. I dare say there definitely more unity developers now than there flash devs. You’ve taken something that only a few rich dudes and math geniuses dared to venture into and put it into the hands of a common man. Made the world a much funner place where people just make and play games made with unity.

    The last time a revolution of this scale happened was in the 1900s when a guy named Henry Ford had a vision that anyone could own a car! David, what you guys are doing is huge!

    I project 8 million users by 2015

  25. Support is SUPPORT. The software is Genius. Unity is uniting. People are talking and heads are turning. I’ve begun learning, but Just like a child I want it all.
    Only 2 million?
    I thought more! It means soon to be 4

  26. Best product and great news COOOOOL ;-)

  27. Congratulations UT!
    That is an amazing milestone. Keep going strong!

  28. What about Nvidia Apex Destruction integration in Unity 3D ?

  29. Congratulations on a job well done and can hardly wait to see what’s coming next. :-)

  30. Elliott Mitchell

    7월 9, 2013 9:55 오후

    Upward and onwards! Well done Unity!

  31. Congratulations Unity! That’s an amazing number, and well deserved! I simply love playing around in Unity :)

  32. How do we enter to be a part of the contest to go to Unite?

    Microsoft has fragmented their OS with 8, and solidified a growing ambiguity between desktop and mobile platforms… If they stick with Windows RT, the accessibility of “old” windows apps will begin to fall off.

  34. Bardelot Alexandre

    7월 9, 2013 7:51 오후

    Wow I would love so much to win the trip ^_^


  35. Matt Stuttard Parker

    7월 9, 2013 7:46 오후

    Great milestone, great speed of growth, here’s to 4 million next year ;)

  36. Brian Chelton

    7월 9, 2013 7:35 오후

    Unity 4 now has Mecanim right ?
    The people that designed Mecanim,are they the same people that designed Motionbuilder ?

  37. Brian Chelton

    7월 9, 2013 7:35 오후

    @David Helgason
    Thank you Unity,for making the Windows Unity 3D Pro-Addon free.
    That’s very nice of you.

  38. Congratulations guys, this number isn’t a coincidence, your work is excellent and we are part of this, thanks for making possible to us to build our dreams in form of gaming.

  39. Great achievement, great trend :)

  40. And there’s a reason for why you reached 2 million :) Congratulations!

  41. A great number, but Unity is for sure woth it! I think all developers agree that Unity is the best in 3D, plus developing with it is a great fun

  42. Dustin Andrew

    7월 9, 2013 5:41 오후

    Grats!!! So amazing to see your vision and dream of democratizing game development come true 2 million times over!

  43. That’s a big number! Well done Unity team! I always trusted in you guys :)

  44. WOW! What an amazing Milestone that I’m glad to be apart of! Awesome job guys!