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Through our work with Engine Room Games, we expect to leverage their AAA console game expertise to include additional advanced gameplay experiences within Unity, as well as deliver more support for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and next-generation platforms.

Founded in 2008, Engine Room Games has worked on a number of high-profile AAA titles, starting out with assisting RockSteady with Batman Arkham Asylum and most recently working with Codemasters on their F1 series of games. Managed by Alex McLean, Tim Cannell and Paul Dunning, their team has developed an extensive range of AAA games covering multiple genres and platforms.  They are also licensed developers for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, iOS and Wii-U.  We know their experience and hands-on approach will be a fantastic benefit to Unity developers and for our platform.

For this collaboration, Engine Room Games will also be hiring more experienced engine programmers to the team.  Check out their hiring page for the details:

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Ditto what Justin said. A lot of us indies would really appreciate ps4 and psvita support on unity end. Sony already said that both systems will be indie friendly.

I want PS4/PSVita support asap! Got a project in the works right now that’d be perfect for PS4 especially.

WebPlayer for Linux??? How about exporting to WebGL? I think, WebGL is the ultimate solution for cross-platform 3D web content deployment. Something similar to UDK’s EpicCitadel WebGL demo…

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