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It was really hard, but we have finally settled on the 15 winners of our Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 contest. Here’s a brief overview of the delightful and entertaining projects that have captured the jury’s imagination. The winners will share a total of  $100,000 in cash and prizes. Many thanks to all the participants!

Get more details on the winners on our contest site.

Windows Phone

Windows Store

  • First Prize, $30,000 USD: Freddy by Mobitouch Games
  • Second Prize, $10,000 USD: Shiny The Firefly by Stage Clear Studios & Headup Games
  • Third Prize, $5,000 USD: Pylon by Quantum Squid Interactive

Honorable mentions

For each, the prize is a Unity Pro license (which includes a Windows Store/Windows Phone Pro publishing add-on).

  • Edge of the World by Central Core Studies for Best Tile on Windows Phone
  • Simpulls by Ironshod Limited for Best Gameplay on Windows Phone
  • Crazy Horses: Unstabled by Nice Touch Games Ltd for Best Windows Integration on Windows Phone
  • panIt! by Ed Venture Studios for Best New Game Content on Windows Phone
  • Charlie Hop by Madarina for Best Port to Windows Phone
  • Fling Theory by Coding Jar Studios Inc. for Best Gameplay on Windows Store
  • Einstein™ Brain Trainer by BBG Entertainment GmbH for Best Windows Integration on Windows Store
  • Meltdown by Phenomenon Games for Best New Game on Windows Store
  • Dr. Jolt by SidekickBest Port for Best Port of an Existing Game to Windows Store

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We are so proud with winning the Windows Phone 3th prize!
Did you know I spend a week of my vacation from 7-11am getting it done in time for the competition? ;)

As a coincident / to celebrate An Alien with a Magnet is on sale in the Microsoft Red Stripe Deals!

Our next goal is to get the game thru Steam Greenlight. (you can vote for it here)

Congratulations to the winners. And well done to all the participants for completing and entering your game :)

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