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A huge group of experienced Brazilian game developers including companies such as Critical (Dungeonland), Behold Studios (Knights of Pen and Paper, Chroma Squad) and Swordtales (Toren) pulled the brakes on their internal projects and came together for the entire weekend to make brand new games.

And here’s where things start to get interesting: All games developed during the Super BR Jam will be made available for purchase at a “pay what you want” model. However if you pay above 5 USD you’ll also get:

– Dungeonland All-Access Pass

– Magicka

– Magicka: Wizard Wars

– The Showdown Effect

– Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition

– Project Tilt

– Out There Somewhere

– Qasir Al-Wasat: A night in between

The best part: all proceedings from the bundle sales will go to charity! The chosen charity was Solar Meninos de Luz, a private philanthropic organization which supports formal and complementary education and basic health care to 400 children in impoverished communities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Dinomancer by Critical Studio

This is what Mark Venturelli, former Game Designer at Critical Studios said about the event: “Wow. I was completely blown away by how amazing the people were. We wanted to show the world how strong our indie scene is here in Brazil, and how we are working together and helping each other. This is a very different game jam: we are selling the games and 100% of the profits will go to a school for poor children in Rio. I think this noble cause really gave everyone an extra incentive to come together and create things that are absolutely bursting with love and care. We still have a few days to go, so we are all still working together – this time to boost the publicity on the event and try to raise as much money as we can.”

Saulo Camarotti, CEO and Founder of Behold Studios said, “At first we thought this would be just another game jam, where we would get some friends together to make a game in very few hours. We decided to make a game that would force us to stretch our skills, to go beyond what we did before, and when we were done (after a lot of sweating) we realised that all that hard work that we put into proving ourselves was directly connected to the help that we would be providing to the children and volunteers at Solar. It was an incredible experience! We are definitely interested in participating again and helping other charities.”

Alien Kingdom by Behold Studios - 01

After the event I was really glad to find out that 18 out of the 24 games were made with Unity and the results are very impressive!

You cand find out more about Super BR Jam and purchase the bundle at the website

So wait no further! The bundle will be available only until December 4.
It’s a great way to buy some cool games at a ridiculously low price and have a nice, warm feeling in your heart at the same time!

Link to site:

 More about the games made during the game jam:

Alien Kingdom by Behold Studios (PC + Mac)
A massively cooperative online strategy game in a beautiful alien world. This game cannot be described in words, just go play it!

Previous games from this developer: Knights of Pen and Paper, Chroma Squad

Kureizy Japanese TV Show by Swordtales
Like a Nintendo game if everyone at Nintendo had a stroke at the same time

Previous games from this developer: Toren

Legend of HUErule by BitCake Studio (PC + Mac)
A simple online RPG with adorable low-poly visuals where your party must work together to defeat increasingly difficulty waves of bouncy monsters

Previous games from this developer: Project Tilt

Cinerea by Otus  (PC + Mac)
A lone woman wandering through alleyways is the theme of yet another mysterious and atmospheric game from Otus.

Previous games from this developer: Niveus

Dinomancer by Critical Studio

Previous games from this developer: Dungeonland

Thunderstruck by Pocket Trap
Defend your castle using the power of lightning! A challenging but rewarding game that looks absolutely adorable

Previous games from this developer: Ninjin, Hell Broker

Final da Zuera by Hoplon

As the crowd of a soccer game, choose wisely how you will cheer for your team

Previous games from this developer: Taikodom, Heavy Metal Machines

Gory Creatures from Across the Yard by Pigasus

You are a crafty pig defending your yard in this polished 3D tower defense game

Previous games from this developer: Adventurezator

Seal League Gravity Ball by Critical Studio

Space seals play football with no gravity. Do not worry, they all have magnetic suits to hover around. And lasers. Can be played with 2 or 4 players locally.

Previous games from this developer: Dungeonland

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