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We’re incredibly proud of our engine and development tools. We’re so pleased with where they are and where they’re going, that it would be easy to sit back and be happy with the impact our tools and business decisions have made in games development overall.

But game developers live and die not just by being able to create awesome games, but also by being able to connect with and keep a great audience.

We’re continuing our steps forward towards providing all of the developers using Unity the best tools to make their businesses a success after the process of creating an awesome game is complete. We announced the acquisition of Everyplay for this purpose, right before GDC and today we’re happy to tell you all that we’ve reached an agreement to acquire Playnomics and bring their talented and experienced team on board. As part of Unity, they’ll further develop their awesome technology to be part of the suite of services for Unity Cloud.

Much like Everyplay (even if very differently), Playnomics works on solving the challenges that developers face in unique ways. Playnomics has developed tools that help identify the ways that players interact with games and help you as a developer to make real-time decisions on how to interact with the community to keep them having fun and coming back for more.

The new integration of the Playnomics services into Unity Cloud is a work in progress, but once ready, you’ll have another tool in our increasingly comprehensive toolbelt of services you guys need to be successful across the board.

In the meantime, make sure to check out the new SDK. It’s currently available at the Asset Store!

David Helgason

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  1. Hey!

    What about webplayer support for all of this cool stuff?

  2. Looks like they are going to be the ad hawkers of the game engine world instead of google. If they do this respectfully and allow users to filter on content advisories rather than just ‘product genres’ they could develop pretty effective advertising model.

    You know, ad hawkers always talk about user involvement and such but in game play you could actually built it in and not sound ridiculous.

    Example: Imagine a game were you go grocery shopping at Wal*Mart and later in the day you go pick up what you shopped for waiting for you and paid for. And you could but it in offline-mode to teach kids about math, budget, taxes, feed a recipe to the game and it spits out the Wal*Mart shopping list with costs and dietary information.

    Hmmm, wishing I had a team to develop a that to put cash in my Wal*let.

  3. …answered my own question with a google search. More mobile app marketing, along with some user analytics for marketing personalization, in case anyone else was scratching their heads and wondering.

  4. Um, this might seem dense, but aside from the extremely vague “its cloud stuff”, what exactly does Playnomics do?