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Asset Store applications section launches with awesome one week sale

, 6월 4, 2014

Fuse by Mixamo. Save 20% ’til June 11th!

Want unique characters in your 3D projects?  Fuse gives you the ability to quickly create quality 3D characters that are highly customizable and easily integrated into your pipeline. Fuse is a 3D character creation tool, available here as a one time download of the standalone application. Easily upload your Fuse character to be rigged and animated at



Substance Indie Pack by Allegorithmic Save 33% ’til June 11th!

These two applications herald a revolution in the way geometry is textured in Unity!  With Substance Painter, a brand new 3D & 2D Painting app featuring never before seen features and workflow improvements to make the creation of textures for modern games easier than ever.

Substance_Designer (2)


Substance_designerSubstance Desginer is the only standalone software dedicated to game texturing, from mobile games to AAA blockbusters. this application features  Substance Designer is also the only tool that can produce substance files (.sbsar) that can be read natively within Unity. Check out these video links to learn more about Substances and how Aquiris used Substance Designer in Unity to reduce the size of their game, Ballistic, from several GB to 100 MB.

Take advantage of this one-week sale and save a ton of money!  And do be sure to keep coming back to the blog and new Applications category, since there’s many more great things to come!


Caitlyn Meeks-Ferragallo
Asset Store Manager


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  1. Love retro video games and I want ro make one 2d or 3d but my laptop is being stupid and it says I can’t download any of the versions. I’m so pist but so sad and disappointed at the same time plz help me unity

  2. I would like to know about the licensing as well. Are they allowed to have their own license on the asset store? I thought it was blanketed under unity’s asset store license.

  3. Fuse wouldn’t be taking advantage of the perceived difference in income between Stream members and Unity Asset Store users would they? Hmmm?

  4. The fuse deal seems a little anti-deal to me as it’s cheaper and with more rigs on steam hmmmm.

  5. Are assets in the new Applications category licensed per seat like Editor Extensions?
    Or can applications have their own unique license?

  6. Great news!

    Please note that, in Mixamo Fuse’s page, the background image makes the sentence “This extension requires one license per seat” nearly invisible.

  7. Fuse on Asset Store – $79
    Package includes 54 body parts, 114 clothing meshes, 26 accessories and 50 smart substances and 1 free Auto-Rig per week for your characters created in Fuse.

    Fuse on Steam – $44.99
    Fuse is a data-driven, modular 3D character creation tool that comes packaged with 60+ body parts, 90+ clothing meshes, 25 dynamic texturing substances, and 2 free Auto-Rigs per week.

    Btw, can I import my character made by Blender into Fuse? Thanks.

  8. Wow! This is a really great news for us, as well as for all Unity 3d developers, I think! Eve being professional in development, you not always have enough resources and time to do everything from scratch, and with new Application category all developers will be able to use professional, high quality unique elements in their projects