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Greetings! At Unite, we announced the latest and greatest update to Unity Cloud Build. We’ve been listening to your feedback, and have been hard at work over the past year to find ways to save you more time during development.

Before we jump into the good stuff, keep in mind that all the following features are FREE to all users and AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY, in OPEN BETA.  With that, here’s what we have for you:


We’ve just doubled the number of platforms Cloud Build supports! In addition to iOS, Android, and Webplayer we’ve now added Windows desktop, Mac OS X, and Linux! There are 32-bit / 64-bit / Universal options for OS X and Linux, and 32-bit / 64-bit versions for Windows.



Prior to this update, if you wanted to build a project for several different ways for the same platform, you’d have to replicate your project in our system multiple times (for example a Google Play Android version, and another Android version for a different store). No more! This update allows for any number of ‘build targets’ inside a single project – and each target can build from a different branch and have different signing credentials.

 You’ll find this feature in the Targets section for a project.


In existing projects, your current platforms will be named ‘default-PLATFORM’ but as you add new targets you’ll notice you can name them anything you want: who it’s for, which branch its building from, etc.


By far the most popular request on our feedback category was the ability for users to create split binary files for Android builds. We’re really excited to be able to give this to you – check in the Advanced Settings area of any Android target


Supporting all these new features is a revamped website which is a bit snappier to interact with.  And, of course, it’s all still mobile-ready so you can make, manage, and download builds wherever you are.


Finally, we’ve heard you loud and clear: Cloud Build is most useful when you have access to all it’s powerful features. Starting today, users in all plans are able to access the following features:

  • Pre- and Post-Export Methods
  • Git, SVN, Mercurial, and Perforce integration
  • Custom Scripting Defines
  • Custom Scene Lists
  • Development / Debug builds
  • Unlimited Collaborators per project


Again, you can access all these features IMMEDIATELY.  Sign up now at

This is where you will need to go to try out the new platform and build target features. Once more people have tried it out and kicked the tires, we’ll put the older website out to pasture (that’s Texan for saying: we’ll turn it off)

Thanks to all of you for participating in the forums and communicating with our team. We’re looking forward to seeing what you think about this new updates!

15 replies on “Unite 2015 – New Features for Unity Cloud Build”

I really love the new UI and build configuration. Its so much easier to work with a team and distinct feature branches than the manual project multi cloning to have them being built as required :)

Are you going to increase repository size limits?

We have a relatively small project and our git repo size is already over 1.5 Gb.

Any thoughts on creating a VCS repository service like github?
It would be useful to small indies and you need the source to build from anyway.

Thank you very much for the new features and for opening the restricted ones!

I assume this is part of the “open beta” stage, but I’m curious on what are your plans after this period. Maybe giving full Cloud Build features to Pro licensees?

Thank you for making Mercurial support available for everyone! Now to go try out the new platforms and build some projects. :)

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