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Greetings from the Asset Store team! We had a great time on our booth at Unite Boston, meeting so many of you and demonstrating some of the coolest packages our publishers have to offer. We also launched three new features that will make the Asset Store experience more efficient and helpful for everyone.

Big improvements for search

You can now search in the store by combining filters, including price, last update date, and size of package. You can also search within categories.


Watch this quick intro video or just go try it for yourself.

New notification system

Notifications keep you updated on your favorite products. You can modify your notification settings at any time, by logging in to your account (top right corner). You will be notified when:

  • A package you bought or downloaded is updated to a new version
  • A publisher replies to one of your reviews
  • A package on your wish list goes on sale


Baring it all

We made our Asset Store roadmap public! You can now see what features are coming up for both publishers and customers in the next 6-9 months, and where we are investing effort and research beyond that time frame.

Finally, a big thanks to our publishers who showed off their awesome wares at Unite Boston:

Stephan Bouchard
Quantum Theory Entertainment
Invert Game Studios
Cinema Suite
Persistant (PopCornFx)

Happy developing!

25 replies on “Get even more from the Asset Store”

Great changes! Really improves usability.

Would be nice if we could also choose to get our notifications as e-mails, and the possibility to subscribe to get daily e-mails about the 24 hour sale. I’ve already missed many deals and sales of wishlist items that I would have been interested in.

As a side note, I would also love to be able to subscribe to get Unity Blog posts as e-mails.

Forgot to say: Would also be nice if we could see the resolutions of textures when browsing the Package Contents before buying an asset.

I don’t think filtering by price is a good idea, it will level quality to the bottom. I would not have bought what I purchased, hitting only freebies.

I don’t think assets are filtered by price by default, that is up to the user whether they want to use that or not. Personally I think it can be useful, especially if you want to find high quality stuff. Just filter with highest price on top. That is assuming that you get what you pay for of course.

I often will buy assets at $5 or less that I know I am very unlikely to use after sorting from lowest to highest price just because I like the assets. That is a suggestion that would hurt asset store sales.

It would also be nice if you update the Asset Store submission guidelines page with all undocumented requirements such as the need to show your prior credentials.

Next phase would be to staff up. I mean, waiting for more then one month to get an Asset Store submission reviewed is a bit slow. Also you never reply to emails.

What I’d really, really like is for assets that had any scripting to be encapsulated in the Kiosk that sold / gave away that asset’s own namespace, say preferably the a namespace assigned to the kiosk on creation of their account.


Phase 1: I create a Unity Asset store under the name of goat. Unity then assigns my kiosk the name of goat.

Phase 2: I upload a free asset under the kiosk name of goat. Therefore Unity requires all art and code in the asset to be under a folder be the name of goat. It requires all code under that folder to be encapsulated in the namespace goat.* It is optional but desirable for the asset creator, in this case goat, to further organize logically all the assets they might give away or sell in their goat folder logically to help the end use effectively utilize those assets.

Phase 2a: Optional, but probably makes further sense for each asset *.unitypackage offered in the asset store be kept in the Unity folder // because we know that mostly doesn’t matter to the Unity editor or compilers it is just being helpful to the endusers.

Phase 3: People stop being frustrated by assets defining a class and so on multiple times and breaking compilation. The stop being frustrated on trying to find where that asset is located.

It deleted my part of my comment because of greater/less than redirection symbols but anyway

Phase 2a: keep individual unitypackages in their own folder under the kiosk owner’s name: Assets/kioskname/unitypackagename

Maybe all that is all ready planned.

Very cool, just remove the notification when a item on the wishlist is on sale when we already own it;) I tend to leave my assets on the wish list when I finally buy them…

Additionally, the Package contents window is kinda useless when packages get bigger… Maybe make it sizeable and make it load everything at once, or even better add the ability to collapse folders, so we can get a feel on the folder structure:)

I already bought a whole lot of assets, mainly on the daily deals. I don’t know all of them by heart, I mean I don’t know every feature they have.

So I many times thought that searching for keywords among my bought assets would be fine to check if I already have an asset for my needs.

Also, it would be nice to see on the asset listing page what assets are already purchased, perhaps a small icon in the corner would be enough.

what about supporting download from outside Unity (by using a download accelerator) and the support for downloading resume …

I second you on those ones. It seems from the roadmap that suppor for download resume and pause is comming in H1 of 2016 as well as filter for supported platforms.
But unfortunately nothing on direct download from the browser.

Will buyers be notified about the possibility to upgrade the asset?
What about upgrades already set up? Will There be some notifications about their readily availablility?

Great work on the search.

I’d love it if there was a way to see with your project which Assets you have installed and what versions of those assets.

One way to do it could be a settings file, so if you import via the asset store it logs that asset and the version into a file. Obviously if people buy assets/plugins outside of the store this won’t work, but you wouldn’t mind :)

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