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Unity Beta Tips: How to participate effectively in the beta program

, 5월 17, 2016

As part of our ongoing commitment to both stability and innovation, we are unveiling some new and improved resources for Unity beta participants. These resources will help new and existing beta testers get the most out of the program, and ensure that the next stable version of Unity works for your project.

We’ve updated the beta page to include more information about how to participate in the beta program. In a nutshell here’s what we’ve got for you:

If you missed what’s coming to Unity 5.4, head over to this blog post and check out the new features and updates you can look forward to in the current beta.

We’re very excited to hear what you think about the new features, but it’s also important that we ensure existing projects continue to work well. This is why we are encouraging you to try Unity 5.4 on a copy of your projects first.

While our engineers test each beta version with numerous projects weekly, it’s only a fraction of the projects out there that are constantly pushing the engine in new and different ways. The best way to make sure the next stable version of Unity works for you and your project is to try it out with the current beta.

If you encounter a bug, be sure to let us know. To make sure you have the right information on how to submit a solid bug report we have created a “Guide to Being an Effective Beta Tester”. It takes you through the process of using the beta and reporting a bug, start-to-finish. The guide covers:

  1. Installation and getting started
  2. The beta forum
  3. Documenting and reporting your bug
  4. Following up

With that, you will be equipped to provide actionable feedback, so we can address bugs more quickly and effectively.

We also have a quick survey to better understand why you do (or don’t) participate in the beta program. Your opinion matters. All of that information is available on the beta page, along, of course, with the beta download link

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