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It’s no secret: we’re passionate about getting more women into gaming and empowering the ones who are here. While we’ve kicked off our own talk series (and have yet-announced projects to come!), we’re also proud to partner with like-minded organizations, too.

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to support Pixelles — the Montreal-based non-profit focused on building a more diverse and inclusive game industry — and we couldn’t pass it up. Alongside friends including Square Enix and Eidos, Unity helped sponsor the Pixelles Ensemble, providing GDC attendance for a group of 25 women and genderqueer game developers from 8 countries. GDC is hands-down one of the most important events in our industry: it’s where we learn valuable skills, connect with friends and colleagues, advance career opportunities, with benefits for years to come. And without Pixelles and the work of its partners, these devs would have missed those same chances we too often take for granted.

 But don’t just take our word for it. Read on to hear directly from some of these developers and creators — who knows, you could see them onstage next year!

“Pixelles Ensemble was life changing for me. At first I felt a bit like an impostor even though I realized that almost everybody feels the same way. There was even a talk about it which was really reassuring. But as the days passed, I felt more and more comfortable and realized that I have my place in this industry, but maybe not in the context I know which is fine and even more inspiring.” – Valerie L, Production Coordinator

“Attending GDC was one of the best experiences of my life. It was incredibly valuable for me to have the opportunity to meet and talk shop with my peers outside of Montreal. I have no doubt that the connections I made there will prove a source of professional insight for years to come.” – Jana S.V.G., Narrative Designer, Canada

“The moment GDC was over, I was already thinking and making plans for the next one. It was my first time, and I feel I was able to get a lout of the experience. The biggest thing for me at GDC was making new friends who share my love for making games and who I can learn from and discuss my work with.” – Nataly C, Programmer, Israel

“Thank you so much for this opportunity! GDC was an amazing experience and I was able to bring valuable information that will improve my job localizing games. Two days ago, I submitted a paper proposal to LocWorld Montreal and will definitely apply to MIGS 2016 and GDC 2017. I hope I can also inspire translators and companies to have their games more accessible to all genders — everywhere.” – Isabela P, Localization, Canada