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Unity 5 마지막 버전 Unity 5.6 안내
및 Unity 2017 소개

, 12월 13, 2016

Unity 5.6 베타가 출시되었습니다. 5.6 버전의 정식 사용은 2017년 3월부터 가능하며, 5.6은 Unity 5의 마지막 버전입니다.

Unity 5.6 버전은 다양하게 추가된 신규 기능과 개선사항을 포함하고 있으며, 주요 특징은 아래와 같습니다.

  • 에디터 (Editor features):
    • 라이팅에서의 인터레이션 시간 개선 및 베이킹 시간 단축, 새로운 Progressive Lightmapper (상세 내용 확인 : Unite LA 2016 keynote)
    • 새로운 비디오 플레이어 : VR에서 4K 비디어 및 360 비디오를 안정적으로 플레이를 위한 멀티플랫폼 재구성 및 퍼포먼스 개선
    • Metal 상의 Mac 에디터
    • 2D 게임 개발을 위한 주요 워크플로우 개선
  • 추가된 플랫폼 (Platform):
    • Google Daydream, Cardboard
    • Facebook Gameroom
  • 그래픽 (Graphics):
    • Vulkan 지원
    • Compute on Metal 지원

5.6 베타 버전은 지금 다운로드 가능합니다. 다운로드 바로가기

영구 라이선스 5.x 버전은 2017년 3월 업데이트가 종료됩니다. 상세 내용은 FAQ 를 통해서 확인해주시면 감사하겠습니다. Unity 5.x 라이선스에는 5.6버전 업데이트가 포함됩니다. 그리고 Unity 5.6 버전에는 12개월 동안 추가 패치를 제공하여 진행 중인 프로젝트의 안정적인 플랫폼 관리가 가능하도록 지원할 예정입니다.

2017년의 새로운 안내 사항

Unity 5.6 이후부터는 새로운 엔진 버전 Unity 2017.x 가 출시됩니다.  신규 버전의 배포 시기가 명확하게 표기되도록 버전 표기 방식을 변경합니다. Unity 2017를 통해 새로운 버전을 정기적으로 업데이트 받을 수 있고, 새로운 기술과 개선에 대한 꾸준히 확인할 수 있습니다.  새로운 구독 라이선스 및 버전 업데이트에 대해 언급했던 Joachim (Unity CTO)의 블로그 포스팅 도 참고해주세요.

새로운 Unity 2017 로드맵(roadmap) 내용을 간단히 살펴보겠습니다.

  • 보다 완벽한 멀티 스레드 잡 시스템이 가능하도록 구성된 멀티 코어 CPU(multi-core CPUs) 사용이 가능하도록  퍼포먼스 개선 등 주요 기능의 최적화를 계속해서 집중할 것입니다. (Unite LA 에서 언급된 내용 확인).
  • Unite LA에서 소개된 Timeline 내용과 같이, 아티스트에게 들을 수 있는 스토리와 시테마틱 관련 내용도 소개할 예정입니다.
  • 닌텐도 스위치(Switch)와 같은 새로운 플랫폼이 지속적으로 추가될 예정입니다.

GDC 2017 에서도 새로운 업데이트 사항이 소개됩니다.

새로운 Unity 2017은 iOS/Android를 비롯한 모든 플랫폼을 포함하고 있으며, 2017년 4월에 첫 공개를 앞두고 있습니다. 기존에 사용 중이신 Unity 구독 모델의 경우, (출시 후에) Unity 2017 액세스가 가능합니다.  5.x 영구 라이선스를 보유하고 계신 분들께서는 특별 할인 및 프로모션을 통해 구독 모델로 전환이 가능합니다.  Unity 이메일 구독을 동의해주신 분들에 한해 이메일 프로모션이 진행되고 있습니다. 그리고  새로운 구독 모델을 사용 중이신 분들께서는 구독 시작일로부터 24개월이후부터는 구독 종료 시점에 맞춰 “pay to own” 옵션을 선택하여 Unity 라이선스를 영구 보유할 수 있다는 사실도 잊지마시길 바랍니다.

그리고 Unity Personal 버전은 여전히 ‘무료’로 제공됩니다.

109 replies on “Unity 5 마지막 버전 Unity 5.6 안내 </br>및 Unity 2017 소개”

I have been asking about something rather important for a many years, and it is still not answered. A few Unity staff members were actually perplexed by it as they hadn’t thought about it until I mentioned it… 2 of them said they’d be back with an answer and 0 of the 2 returned to answer. Please provide detailed/technical answer.

Here’s an outdated example to reinforce the oddity of the situation;
(please do not fanboi reply.. this is a very serious topic with a specific point that I/we/myteam needs an answer.)
If you had a perpetual license for version 4.x, when exactly did the update/fixes/updated-support for building to various platforms stop ? How was this data of updates/fixes ever provided to the users since Unity is a “download Gigs every release” system.
This has never made sense to me, nor many others I talk to about this.
AKA: same thing here in this current situation;
Perpetual Licensees of Unity 5.x, if they do not upgrade to the new engine versioning system, how long will they be provided updated support(the same as 1 year as noted under new sub model ?) *AND* how are these perpetual v5.x users provided with these platform support updates and any provided Unity bug fixes once Unity 2017.x.x is released ?
–>> I ask because I see engine downloads of Gigs each release.. but never update packages nor has Unity ever informed me it is performing updates to platform engines.
I would happily join in using Unity as an engine of choice, I have said this a few times in these messages, when the project calls for it I would happily use it, *if* details are provided regarding this topic. ..and please do not answer that a subscription model solves it, because after 2 years, you own a version with 1 years of support updates and such… which brings us back to the exact concern once again.

— This isn’t about money, it’s about principles within these missing details of your provided services.
***Thank You.*** I appreciate your time. This is a genuine and serious post/message.

@UnityTeam, if you prefer to answer me privately, I will oblige.

As awesome as this sounds, the one thing that needs to be solved is using GI with prefab objects. I am working on a game that uses the UFE Asset which requires the stages in the game to use Prefabs, but there is a PROBLEM: YOU CAN’T USE GI ON PREFABS. As soon as you drop in a prefab you lose all of your lighting information, which makes this a very painful process. The stage creation process in UFE is pretty straighforward.

I SERIOUSLY hope you guys fix this in some way. I am getting tired of mucking around with various scripts that don’t work and waste time. Also, it would be a severe hindrance for the UFE guys to have to rewrite their entire core just to use the .unity format to load into the engine.

The Unity team is satisfied with the approach they take, but not us. To use a simple interface.

a) Monobehaviour: You can store only a concrete class. Unity locks you out of inheritance. C# allows only 1 class inheritance, unfortunately that slot got grabbed by evil Monobehavior. Gratz, you got vendor locked. Why doesn’t unity allow “Composition – Delegate pattern” for monobehaviors?

b) ScriptableObjects: You can store subclasses but… Unity locks you out of inheritance. At the top of the chain will be ScriptableObject, which is a class, not an interface. An interface cannot inherit a class. Therefore you inherit from an abstract class which inherits ScriptableObject. Top slot got grabbed again by evil ScriptableObject. Gratz, you got vendor locked again! Why doesn’t unity allow “Composition – Delegate pattern” for ScriptableObjects?

Now suppose you try to use “new” on your simple innocent vendor locked class. Unity: How Dare you !!!
You are forced to carry a whole bag of “unity garbage” on your custom instance, just to make it viewable on inspector. Wow, nice job unity. No wonder why game development industry goes to hell with your efforts.
Gratz you invented assembly again, thanks for disabling object oriented programming.

Full Serialiser : , serialises interfaces normally. It is obvious you want to place artificial limits to the engine to prevent users from switching to another engine. Thanks for following the good old microsoft strategy (divide and conquer) to obtain market monopoly at the user’s expense.

What’s happening with the new splash screens and VR? Will that be patched into 5.5, or is it a feature for 5.6 (I don’t see it listed anywhere)

Why are only two people working on the new input system? That is a serious question.

It still boggles my mind that this is so low priority. Every game needs input. Right now, one is forced to buy a 3rd party asset…is this the not-publically-acknowledged thought process?: The 3rd party asset solves the problem mostly, so it can be pushed aside while new shiny features get made?

I can’t say I’m thrilled about the new course that Unity is taking. Although the new model well benefit people who do Android and IOS games, those of us that are only interested in PC releases are getting pulled along a road we don’t have any real interest in.

I really wish you would reconsider your model and possibly keep a somewhat modified version of the old perpetual license setup. You could offer a dumbed down version that excludes the mobile platforms.

As a small time indie that has only done this so far as a hobby (though I would eventually like to make this my next job), I find the new model too costly to support. While 1500$ wasn’t cheap, it was still affordable.

Sadly I won’t be financially supporting the new Unity cycles, and just use Unity 5 until it becomes defunct.

In a company, 125 per month is probably nothing, but as a one-man indie developer I thought I bought Unity3D once when saving up money for the pro version.

I think it is time to look for a new engine if this subscription thing goes through.

In all fairness, what’s wrong with the Personal or Plus versions?
I’ve been on Personal the entire time. Sucks with the white theme, but everything’s pretty much functionally equivalent to the upper tiers.

I don’t understand one thing about the new subscription model.

If the new cycle is supposed to last for just one year (2017, 2018, etc) and lets say I start my subscription on the 31st Dec ’16, by the end of 2018 I should be entitled to own the current version I am using… that’s 2018? Or by that point I would be getting the 2019, getting it for “free” during all the 2019 cycle?

If its the 2018, then I don’t see how that can make any sense for us, as after paying for two consecutive years we would being entitled to own an obsolete cycle… where is the benefit in there?

Also, there is any offer for Pro perpetual users to switch to Plus?

And, if I pay two consecutive cycle subscriptions of Plus, do I get the right to own it as with the Pro?


Whilst it’s pleasing to see Unity Personal remaining free, it’s somewhat unclear what version it’s going to be exactly. Will the Unity Personal version be 5.6 or 2017? If the former, what will happen to Unity Personal once 5.6 stops receiving updates? How will features currently available in the Experimental namespace (such as the current Playables API) be handled?

Whilst I have a perpetual license, and maintained it over several version increases despite upgrade fees, I cannot afford the constant drain of the subscription model. I suspect few independent developers will be fond of it, particularly starters.

A rent method is a scam. A lot of companies change to rent because once someone buys their product and own it, they won’t receive profit from that person again. Companies are brainwashing people into thinking that if you rent, you own it. But that’s not the case.

When I pay for something, I would like to own it for life. I will probably use a different engine that is free.

I absolutely, 100% agree. I am having a problem with the fact I bought a ‘forever license’ for $1200.00 and now after a while not getting updates and forced to upgrade to the new cycle. NOT HAPPY…Making me wish I didn’t use Unity.

Runtime navmesh is on the timeline for 5.6 alpha and is labelled green, or “on time.”
That and nested Prefabs please.

I don’t want to be mean and say stop working on everything else, because maybe there is somebody who wants those features…

But yeah, stop working on everything else until that’s done if you have to. Seriously.

Nested Prefabs have been demanded for a long while and would be helpful to all, and should really be on the roadmap for 5.6.

Not that there aren’t other upgrades I real want to see – like Vulcan, and definitely the GC upgrade, but I can do without one and work around the other to an extent.

Right now I’m on the fence about U2017, but leaning against. Mainly because I’m really just sick of upgrading unity and having all my 3rd party assets breaking (I just upgraded to 5.5 finally though, so the pain is fresh). I’m not sure what would change my mind, but not any of the features mentioned. When you think of it, there’s not a lot of tech features Unity could add that come to mind. Maybe a “click here to make you game” button, I dunno.

I kind of like the idea of Unity buying out some of the more popular Asset Store projects and officially integrating and supporting them and/or hiring their devs – if only so they’ll stay updated and compatible with new versions and other similarly integrated assets.

I paid $1500 for Unity pro and basically you’re charging people an upgrade price of

$75 x 12 = $900 1 year
$125 x 12 2nd year

Pay nothing until April, 2017; at that time, 12 month commitment period starts at $75/month/seat
After first 12 months, option to renew for 12 more months at $125/month/seat =$2400 <—————??? to own the upgrade of Unity Pro 2017??
And if I try to upgrade my plus to unity pro it only allows the $125 a month subscription. Great way to reward customers -double charge them!!

I feel your pain…I did the same thing. What in Sam Hill is going on at Unity???! Are they new at this or something? Not a great business model to piss off long term and faithful customers.

In order to release a small extra feature in a game for iOS and Android (and hopefully WinPhone) with AR 3d animated graphics I had the choice between coding native or go smart with Unity3d.
I purchased unity 4 (android + iOS) and shortly after unity 5 magically appeared. I paid for the update and for iOS and for Android. Then it turned out that the image tracker plugins would never work on all 3 platforms and I had to ditch using unity3d.
Bought a licence for Metaio iOS, made it work and then bought a license for Metaio Android and that worked too. A month later iOS required 64bit support and I had to upgrade Metaio to get that support. I did not need any new features, just 10% of the entire product framework.
Apple bought Metaio and ditched security updates for Android and support. Now I can’t submit even small updates for the game and the libraries can’t be patched for all the security flaws (used for validating the License, not for actual features).
In the end I paid > $15.000 for Unity3d and Metaio (android and iOS and generic). For these amount of money I would have expected to OWN the sourcecode so it could be fixed.
Now I am moving back to Unity3d just to discover that I probably have to go for a monthly fee just to be able to make a yearly security and feature update of our game.
This is not going to happen. I will have to re-write everything in latest/last Unity3d and then let it live for as long it can.
It’s really painful as a 1 man company to use Unity3d, Metaio and other frameworks. It’s probably a great product for medium/large game companies who use it EVERY DAY. Paying for a “seat” when I only have to use a fraction of the product maybe 14 days a year writing a few scripts and updating 1-2 animation models. This is crazy.
I fear that the awesome Unity3d will end up like Adobe. A huge set of expensive tools with features that only 5% need while people who just need to convert graphics in photoshop, export 3d models, export illustrator… Buying the huge package is something you do once when starting your company.
As a consultant I developed the code and published it. Suddenly the customer wanted THEIR name as publisher but then THEY had to pay for Unity3d android+ios & Metaio android + iOS & … So in the end we just ditched the awesome 3d AR part of the game.
This “seat” business model is not good for small companies or freelancers. Adobe “seat”, Unity3d “seat”, Microsoft office “seat”, Sketch, paintCode, Dropbox, Bitbucket, Jira … Neither of those are my primary development tool. Maybe using it 1 day a month.

Maybe pay a lifetime fee per released Project?

For now I look forward to put some hours into Unity 5.6 but after that It’s a dead end.

Sad to hear that the 5.6a1 build that showcased the multi-threaded transform optimisations didn’t make it was that a development or marketing decision?

Lots of cool stuff: performance, new platforms, 2D! I am so happy a choose Unity, back than. I will always remember 2.6.1 fondly. Look how far you guys made it, congrats!

And most importantly modern video support, yes, please!

+1 for videos with alpha channel support!

Yes, PLEASE add alpha support – so much is possible with alpha support, so much more is not possible without it!


Looking forward to all the things coming, but I have a few questions:

I am on a Unity 5 Pro license – how long will I keep Level 11 access?
How long until I am forced to switch to a rent the engine model? (in other words how long will the last Unity 5 be updated with my current license?)

Level 11 is going to get completely replaced at some point – though I can’t tell you when exactly.

About the subscription model, we will be supporting Unity 5.6 for at least 12 months with fixes. But of course, if you’ll need Unity 2017.x features, you’d need to subscribe.

In addition, Unity 5.6 will receive patches for an additional 12 months after release to ensure you can use it as a stable platform for shipping your projects.

Ahh – interesting, too bad some Level 11 months were not that bad.

And missed that little nugget, thanks for the clarification!

How do you spell exploitation? Why, subscription based + yearly releases, of course!

You offer a bare bones engine that anyone serious on 3d development needs to complement by spending hundreds of dollars on your asset shop (from which you already leech at a rate of 30%), and then you rent it at a starting price of $420 / year for little more than bug fixes ?

Yup, time to jump ship, methinks…

A very brilliant strategy by Unity, one must admit. Fist give away free assets and sell discounted assets as part of Level 11 to make sure that everyone builds up their asset libraries. Then force the customers to pay four times as much for Unity to be able continue develop using these assets. As everyone already are invested in the assets, they are less likely to jump ship for the superior UE4 engine.

You’re kinda 2 years late, me thinks.
I’ve jumped this ship years ago because I knew this was coming when they’ve replace company CEO.

EXACTLY…I made a comment to this fact of the EA/CEO and David H. replied to me as if my thoughts were ill-based.
Yeah..Sadly he may not have known that: EA = nefarious.

I’m a continuing PAID customer since Unity 2.x and recently upgraded to 5.5 license for $750 more bucks, now you are telling me for anything in the future I’m going to have to “rent” the engine from you for 24 months before own it again?? And at $125/month/seat that is $3,000 for one seat!! That’s DOUBLE the normal price, and isn’t any cheaper! My perpetual license automatically entitled me to FOUR seats so I can have up to 3 people helping me develop games… not I only get one seat for double the price?!?! That seem fair to any of you guys? I would like to know the rest of you users thoughts and I would LOVE a response from a staff member since I’ve forked out over two grand on licenses since Unity 2.x. Thanks!

Hi Jason –

The 5.x lifecycle will be ending after 2 years, which is in-line with our past versions’ lifecycles. Since you have a perpetual license, you’ll still be able to use Unity 5 after March 2017. You won’t need to start a subscription unless you want to take advantage of the new features & updates coming in Unity 2017. Rest assured that we’ll continue to provide patch releases for older versions just as we have always done.

However, I would recommend reaching out to your sales rep to confirm the details of your license agreement, as the -standard- perpetual Pro license does NOT entitle you to 4 seats. Each standard license has only one seat with 2 activations, which is the same for subscriptions.


OF COURSE I want all the new feature that the new versions come out with. That is why I have been a paid Unity supporter since the beginning. However, I wish you would give those of us that have continued to be perpetual license holders to continue doing so and giving us that option, we’ve earned it. We would rather jut pay for it once and be done with it instead of the pressure of having to pay for it on a monthly basis. A lot of us don’t have the same income amounts ever month, they fluctuate. If you had a perpetual license before, you should have that option in the future. All new members can do the subscription. I think that is a fair compromise.

Oh and I meant I get one seat but 4 activations at any given time with my perpetual license. Thanks!

$3000/$750 = 4, so it will actually cost FOUR times as much to keep using Unity. Considering that all promises made for Unity 5 are not making it for 5.6, but are rather planned for the Unity 2017 version, this is definitely a scam:

1. We didn’t get what we paid for.
2. To get get those promised features, we have to keep paying four times as much from now on.

It was mentioned at your last conference that you would be releasing the VR Editor in December. Is this still on track for release this year?


Thanks for finally adding modern video support to replace the awful old video textures. Hopefully it supports alpha channels and other things to make it really useful.

Please fix or finally add;
Lightmapper, GI, realtime and baked lights with working shadows, terrain system, Mecanim/animation system, multi-camera compositing, dodgy line and trail renderers, asset bundles and improve terrible workflow, add support for platform-specific assets and multi-resolution support, fix multiplayer/networking, fix multi-monitor support and get input working reliably, improve serialization, maybe throw in a visual material editor, consider adding Steam as a platform target (hint: it’s huge), add C# 6+ and .Net 4.6+ and a GC written this decade, and please ***add and update documentation*** for everything – yes, including the editor API.

Then I would be happy to hear about more new platforms and new version numbering and new subscription model and new Unity-services-of-the-week.

Hi, I’m a IndieDev of Universal Windows Platform (UWP), the UWP Will it continue to be embraced and supported? There are no news or optimizations? Great titles have come to Windows Store, like Forza and etc, the store is starting to get some attention. Do not stop opting out and supporting these platforms

Did you check our roadmap? :) UWP is a supported platform, and is getting new features, such as Windows Runtime support for IL2CPP. Is there anything in particular that you’re missing?

“After 24 months of active subscription, you can choose to own the version you have at the end of your commitment period. ”
..I have a question regarding this that no one from Unity has *YET* had an answer for me..I know someone has the answer and I can’t invest plans in Unity, ever,until I know the answer.
If the person keeps that version(after 24 month subscription) and then Apple and Android release a new OS with new requirements… is that developer who paid for 2 years safe guarded by getting engine-exporting updates ? If so, for how long until they have to pay monthly again to be able to export to platforms without issue ?

Thank You

Good point, great question!

Interested in hearing a reply about this as well. Will be interesting to see if you get a response…

So thinking side ways, you’re pretty much investing in two-year old software!

By time you own it, its already outdated. Two years is a long time when dealing w/anything computer related…

While I can’t speak on behalf of my compatriots, I would trade 90% of this functionality for improvements to Enlighten.

Enlighten works fine, you just have to setup your scene differently. They are also adding a new baking system so you can do things the old way, but if you have been waiting for hours on bakes, you haven’t been doing it right.

We’re working on the .NET 4.6 upgrade now. You can watch the forum section mentioned for updated preview builds. We’re not planning to support .NET Core at this time, as it would represent a breaking change for nearly all existing Unity projects. We’ll have an announcement later when we know what release will have the .NET upgrade.

You misunderstood the link you posted.
.NET standard isn’t a layer, it’s a standard with a few comfort tools.

It formally states which parts of .NET should be considered “minimal .NET functionality” and tries to make sure the various .NET frameworks sync-up their API’s & run the resulting code in the same way.

As a result, .NET standard code will run on .NET core (or any other .NET), but in no way does it supersede it.

Ehhh… Where is steam support (with multiplayer) ???? Why you add shitty platform’s where you don’t have support for biggest PC platform :/

It’s strange that Unity still hasn’t bothered to bake in native Steam support with all api features, and a much better way to support platform and device specific assets.

Until then just use the excellent and free Steamworks.NET by Riley Labrecque. It was mentioned in the Steam developer forums that Valve gave him some assistance so at least someone’s taking notice of how useful it is.

There’s also Facepunch’s Steamworks implementation which works quite well. I’ve been using it in my own project for a little while and it is very well made and up to date.

Unity 2017 SP2™ will be released in Q5 of 2018™ and include exciting new Bug Fixes™ and a preview of the much awaited and revolutionary Rename Function™ (for pro extreme subscribers Only™).

So watch out for new and exciting release announcement from our parent company’s blog.

At Autodesk, we care.

Seems like a pointless change for versioning.. instead of 5.7 we have 2017.1 ..just a few more extra digits guys, yearly versioning for these type of release cycles is just silly. Go look at AutoWreck™ usage of it.. eeh

You had gotten into a good stride with Unity beta’s and the 5.x releases.. now the 2017 versioning change and a roadmap that looks like you’d rather not show much of a roadmap going forwards tbh.. at this point I would have liked to have seen 5.7 on the roadmap with a look at what’s coming down the line for that version.. I don’t see it, all I see now is a version change without much substantial reasoning for it.

Unity 6 … the dreams shattered, now we will never know :P

It’s of course just a few extra numbers what’s the worst that could happen from it, I don’t know! I’m getting bad feelz already.. need to go find a safe space :P

Thank you very much! This is were Unity is really generous and at the same time strategically well positioned. Furthermore I see some people angry about the subscription model. While I myself don’t see myself upgrading to pro directly after my perpetual license expired, I will probably order plus soon after, which is a very nice compromise. Maybe pro later, I think the model you have now contains good things for everybody.

What should have been written in the post:

“We have a great roadmap for the new Unity 2017, here’s a sneak peek:

Please, make it faster and easier to build on IOS devices, the current process is painfully slow and frustrating. There is a term called “Fast Iteration” that loses all its meanings or value when it comes to unity3d.

All of the stuffs! Such pretties! Many nice!

I am very keen on details on the new job system though – particularly the debug tools which were alluded to in LA. Any chance we’ll see a blog post on those in the not too distant future?

My guess… New Terrain system will be a 3rd party off-the-shelf system that will be integrated and will a key selling point for Unity 2018! ;-)

I am still waiting for my “special offer to upgrade to a subscription” and they are already making promises to do it again next year… lol :D

Personally I think a date based system sucks. “I am using U2017.12.4p3 and you? Ahhh, maybe that is why the prefabs don’t work. I am still on U2017.11.5p4. I’ll update and try again”… but at the end of the day, as long as it works, right?

As always, looking forward to seeing what you bring is next.

Hi Jacco,

Regarding your migration offer, I’ve passed along your email address (the one you used to comment here) to my colleague Morgan who will investigate this for you.


Please could you pass on my email address regarding migration also? It’s already five months past due. I’m on the verge of cancelling my subscription.

Will you still continue to do patch releases for older 2017 releases?

For example:
2017.3 comes out in March 2017.
2017.6 comes out in June 2017.
Would you ever make a patch release for the March release? 2017.3.1?

They don’t do that now so I can’t see why they would start doing so in March…

Once 5.3f is released there are no more 5.2p versions after that date… Same with 5.4f. No more 5.3p updates… It makes sense… If they moved on from 5.3 to 5.4, why add new patches to the old version?

So no, I doubt they will release patch updates for 2017.3 when they have moved on to 2017.4. The entire point behind the patches is so you don’t have to wait months between F releases… It’s “temporary” or a “band aid” or a “patch” to hold you over till the next F release.

Sorry, mate

Hi Patrick,
the date-based version numbering system applies for the year. Then the “second” number will be a simple sequence, not the month of the year. The first release for Unity 2017 will be 2017.1 regardless of the month it ships.

Thanks for the info!

It’s good to know you’ll still be doing patch releases for older versions, just like you have been doing.

Very cool!

Thanks for the update.

Opus support would be great if your multiplatform engine supports it. It would be nice to also add some support for FLAC audio codecs, and some kind of readability for wave audio in-file markers through the audio file playback class.

Another thing that comes to mind is that as Unity becomes a general interactive experience development platform, you should be enable the applications that are build for mobile platforms, to be able to play at background when minimized. Now that we have AR/VR and the IoT and games and other interactive experiences are crossing platforms and mediums, and digital to physical is going to be another big hit for us experience creators, our creations with Unity should be able to function while in the background on mobile devices. This should be made easy for us middle-class developers and producers.

Lastly, I remember also from a keynote some years ago, that together with the Timeline, you showed also a node based editor for image compositing, is that a thing that will be made or not?

Thanks for all the coolness and the hard job that you are all at UT putting in!!!

I have to add my vote to some other people here – the terrain system is by far the most outdated part of Unity, it’s embarassing, especially since the rest of Unity is awesome. Have you considered buying one of the terrain systems on your very own asset store and/or hiring the devs in order to integrate it into the engine?

My only other complaint is the notoriously nasty input system, it’s about as flexible as a brick wall.

Whats happening with the EditorVR that’s supposed to be coming this month? Is it a separate plugin / asset ??

I really appreciate the Unity team’s hard work! Unity 5 has really made some progress in 2016. Now if the rest of the developers here commenting could stop being euphoric neckbeards that would be great!

I like the new version numbering system. I’m also really looking forward to the core engine optimizations and the multi-threaded job system, can hardly wait for more information on that topic.

Disappointed about the lack of improvements to UI tools in the roadmap. Animating canvas GUI is painful due to lack of relative value support.

Guys if you could please make sure the Progressive Lightmapper, Lighting Modes and NavMesh land in the 5.x cycle because they are not in new beta 1 currently.
I don’t know what to do if they miss it again :(
Can’t wait for Unity 6 ;-)

Hi Joaquin,
Terrain is not coming in 5.6, and it’s still in research plans. We don’t have an estimate at this time.
I do hope you stay in good health though ;-)

Any news on the one feature I think would benefit most people though: The new GC implementation?
It’s been on the roadmap like forever but never has been mentioned anymore as far as I’m aware.

Looking good, glad I chose Unity as my engine of choice after years of rolling my own, hopefully Unity continues to have the three versions of personal, plus and pro going forward, it’s much better when there are no operational differences between the versions, such as only pro having shadows or anything like that.

Roll on 2017!

very interesting. One subject I did not saw on the roadmap (maybe missed it) would be a deterministic physical engine.

I can imagine this as a major improvement for multi player games.


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