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Announcing Projects 2.0: Tell your story, share your games, and showcase your projects!

, 9월 29, 2017

Over the last year as we’ve seen the growth of Unity Connect to now over 110,000 Unity creators. We’ve seen a huge growth of engagement with the community as you’ve shared over 21,000 projects you’ve made during your creative journeys. Projects have been a powerful tool enabling creators to showcase their work and talent to a global community of peers and industry employers.

In August we announced an upcoming change which would focus on migrating community content and storytelling capabilities of to Unity Connect. We’re excited to announce we’ve updated projects on Unity Connect to now enable you to publish articles, share games, and showcase projects with the Unity Connect community.

Easily showcase your skills and expertise by adding articles, games, and showcase.

Tell your story

With the new update creators now have the opportunity to self-publish articles on Unity Connect. Articles provide another tool for your profile which enables to share your Unity expertise and knowledge with the community while also validating your skills with industry employers.

This is an easy way to provide a behind-the-scenes look into your creative process. Whether you’re sharing tips and tricks on achieving the perfect low-poly aesthetic for your game or discussing best practices on optimizing experiences for virtual reality, the topics are endless. Start building your following and share your valuable insights with the community.

To publish an article simply log into your Unity Connect profile and click “Post Something Else” and select “Article”.

Share your game

While we’ve migrated all game profiles from, we’re also providing user the ability to post their games on Unity Connect. Share the amazing games you’re creating while they are in development and get feedback from the community or promote titles you’ve already launched to help them get discovered.

You can now add games currently in development or published games to your profile.

To add a game log into your Unity Connect profile and click “Post Something Else” and select “Game”. Make sure to add links to the platforms your game supports, your press kit, and any links to online stores your game is available on.

Showcase your work

We’ve moved existing projects to the “Showcase” section. Whether you’re a concept artist, 3D modeler, or even audio specialist, this section is for all creators to showcase slices or components of an experience they’ve helped create.

Add showcases to highlight projects and samples of your work.

To add a showcase simply log into your Unity Connect profile and click “Post Something Else” and then select “Showcase”. Make sure to add engaging content to your showcase such as images, GIFs, or videos! We also support embedded linked from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and the Unity Asset Store.

Start sharing!

We’re excited to see all of the amazing games, stories, and projects you have to share with the Unity Connect community. Start sharing your work today!



5 replies on “Announcing Projects 2.0: Tell your story, share your games, and showcase your projects!”

Unity just removed all the trash from the site and collected it in one place, leaving the “Made in unity” for the best. That’s what Unity Connect for.

So once again a showcase for artists and designers, because nobody wants to look ugly written words (code) rather than a colourful image.

Every image on this page is landscape. Yet my game is made in Unity, it’s a mobile game and played in portrait (it’s a phone!). You’re giving me the impression here that Projects 2.0 and Unity Showcase and Unity Connect are really just for landscape projects.

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