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ProBuilder joins Unity offering integrated in-editor Advanced Level Design

, 2월 15, 2018

We are excited to announce a powerful new addition to our creative tools suite: ProBuilder (with other great tools) and its creators, have joined Unity. Please welcome Gabriel Williams & Karl Henkel to Unity!

Gabriel & Karl have been delivering awesome tools to enable fast and easy level design directly in the Unity Editor. With ProBuilder you design, prototype and play test rapidly your levels right in Unity. With Polybrush (beta) you refine your creation by sculpting complex shapes, painting in custom lighting or coloring, and blending textures across meshes.

In Unity 2017, we added powerful visual tools like Timeline, Cinemachine, a new FBX Exporter and we are continuing on our efforts to help artists, designers and developers create and collaborate more efficiently.

Starting today the full editions of ProBuilder and Polybrush are becoming part of Unity feature roadmap. They are now available at no additional cost to all Unity subscription plans (Personal, Plus, Pro and Enterprise).

Overview of ProBuilder and Polybrush

ProBuilder is a unique hybrid of 3D modeling and level design tools, optimized for building simple geometry but capable of detailed editing and UV unwrapping as needed.

ProBuilder lets you quickly prototype structures, complex terrain features, vehicles and weapons, or to make custom collision geometry, trigger zones, or nav meshes.

Here are a few key features:

Extrude and Inset

Procedural shapes

 In-scene UV Controls  Indefinitely editable shapes

Probuilder has been used by many games made with Unity, checkout the highlight reel video:

Here’s a more extensive but quick overview of ProBuilder features:

See the documentation for more information, starting here with Installing and Upgrading.

Also check the ProBuilder tutorial series:

Polybrush enables you to blend textures and colors, sculpt meshes directly in the Unity editor.

Polybrush is in beta, and just got a new feature in its latest iteration, it now allows to scatter objects in the world with highly customizable brushes.

Blend Textures

Paint Vertex Colors

Scatter Detail Meshes

Sculpt Geometry

Check the Polybrush Introduction and Tutorial to learn more.

There’s more… ProGrids gives you both a visual and functional grid, which snaps on all 3 axis. ProGrids enables speed and quality, making level construction incredibly fast, easy, and precise. It is especially handy for modular or tile-based environments, but you will find that it significantly speeds up workflow and increases quality for all types of work.

Check the ProGrids Introduction and Tutorial to learn more.

Combine ProBuilder, Polybrush and ProGrid together, you get a complete in-editor level design solution for faster and more precise geometry construction.

You can of course take advantage of Unity’s seamless round tripping with Digital Content Creation tools (like Maya) so you can  further detail and polish your models with your favorite tools.

How to get the tools, what’s the roadmap

As said in the introduction, starting today these tools are available at no additional cost to all Unity subscription plans (Personal, Plus, Pro and Enterprise). Here’s how to get them:

ProBuilder is being integrated in Unity 2018.1 beta and a beta is available today via the new Package Manager.
Go to Unity Editor, menu Window>Package Manager, click All, select ProBuilder and click Install:


For Unity 2017.x & 5.6, add ProBuilder to your projects from the Asset Store. The version of  ProBuilder from the Asset Store will only receive bug fixes, no new features. All new features will be added to Unity 2018 and forward. Note that support for Unity 5.6 will end in March 2018.
If you purchased ProBuilder prior to its transition to Unity, you will notice that the Asset package is now deprecated. You can still access it from your Asset Store library, but this package will no longer receive any updates.

Polybrush is in Beta and the new Unity version is available from the Asset Store.
We plan to integrate Polybrush directly into Unity at some point in 2018.
If you purchased Polybrush prior to its transition to Unity, you will notice that the Asset package is now deprecated. You can still access it from your Asset Store library, but this package will no longer receive any updates.

ProGrids is available from Asset Store.
We plan to integrate ProGrids features directly in Unity at some point in 2018.
If you purchased Progrids prior to its transition to Unity, you will notice that the Asset package is now deprecated. You can still access it from your Asset Store library, but this package will no longer receive any updates.

Other tools ProGroups, QuickDecals, QuickEdit and QuickBrush are being deprecated. If you purchased any of those prior to the transition to Unity, you will notice that the asset package is now deprecated. You can still access it from your Asset Store library, but these package will no longer receive any updates.

We can’t wait to hear what you think about the ProBuilder integration, so talk to us on this forum thread!

127 replies on “ProBuilder joins Unity offering integrated in-editor Advanced Level Design”

Running Unity 2017.3.1f1 (windows 10) and at the roughly 6:42 mark of the ProBuilder Building Structures w/Interior & Exterior video I having problems with the “grow” feature while doing the stair sequence. If I clicked grow and held shift it would grow but it would now create 2 faces. I then kept hitting Alt+G as the however remind tip said on the ProBuilder tool bar. It didn’t work. I then tried Ctrl+G and that worked. Wanted to let you guys know.

Hi Kenneth! Did you mean a different time in the video? I’m not seeing what you mean there. However, I think I can help-
1) When you click “Grow”, do not hold SHIFT. The SHIFT key is used to Extrude. Maybe you meant to hold “ALT” and click on the button? That would give you the tool options (indicated by the little “gear” icon on the button).
2) I’m not sure why CTRL-G would work, while ALT-G didn’t- can you double check you have the latest version of ProBuilder? Better yet, upgrade to Unity 2018 and use the Package Manager version of ProBuilder.
Hope this helps! -gw

Great but also concerning. I don’t mind the $250ish I dropped on Probuilder and Polybrush over two years back (well worth the money) BUT please for the love of almighty God let this be bug free. Working with Probuilder is one of the most promising and empowering game art developing experiences I have ever had, so don’t get me wrong when I say this, but it must work properly. The UV tools must work correctly, the face and edge selection tools MUST work properly. Please, please, please do not break this things in the future as you have done in the past. And when you do please fix them quickly. If Probuilder is to be THE Unity modelling tool it must be the empowerment of in-editor modelling that shines and not the “complications” of building a modelling tool inside a game engine editor. I’m a big Procore fan but past experience indicates there are legitimate reasons to be concerned here. Maintaining any integrated modelling tool’s functionality has to be a top priority.

So, does this mean I can finally do the most basic of the basic fundamental polygon modeling now in Unity?? Something that was never possible with ProBuilder before the merger. Or did I just waist my last 5 minutes reading about this useless plugin?

in the version 2.9.8f3 (feb 16 2018) its missing the GUI folder so I dont see any menu, only labes. I try to erase and re- import the package but I have the same problem

Hi Giu, can you try reimporting all assets in the project? Sometimes wires get crossed and reimporting will straighten things out. If that does not address it, please ask this over at our support forum (

Wow … really impressed by the diverse maps / terrain that people are able to make with this tool. Looking forward to the release build.

The feature list says inset is included, but it actually isn’t (though really really should be). What is happening in the video is just a scaled extrude. In the case of that geometry it would look the same, but really inset is like bevel but without moving the any vertices up or down in relation to the original polygon.

Hi Matt! We added the shift-extrude action because it’s very quick and easy, great for most situations. A precise Inset tool is on our shortlist, of course :)

This is cool but…
I really don’t get how Unity choose which asset become part of Unity.
And don’t know if they sent a survey to some users to choose their Tool of choice but:
For what I have tested so far, in term of level blocking, Realtime CSG is way better than ProBuilder.
QuickBrush was really cool, but… it’s 2018 a tool like that should have an option to paint Gpu Instances, even better Indirect Instances.
And for vertex color, this free asset is just way better. Handle flow map, non destructive (paint into a cache), …
Still waiting on a builtin Spline solution also.
And even is the news is nice, I’m waiting on how the integration will be made.
Just a reminder Unity had purchased TextMeshPro and Anima2D, still not implemented build in the engine…
So wait and see, but I wouldn’t have chosen this assets even if they are very good, they are not the best
Thanks for the effort though

QuickBrush was an awesome tool for placing prefabs. It was possible to do many necessary things. 1. Adjusting chance of placing each prefab. 2. Painting to a specific layer. 3. Automatically grouping placed objects. 4. Turning off/on aligning to surface. 5. Manually adjusting offset (x,y,z) 6. Random scale (absolute or prefab relative)… Now with Polybrush I can only place 1 manually chosen prefab with the same scale automatically aligned to a surface and placed on top of each other. (Imagine trees aligned to mountain slope) Useless. Do you plan to implement QuickBrush features in Polybrush or we have to develop tool similar to QuickBrush by ourselves?

Doesn’t seem any point in it being probuilder specific. Could be a general purpose Level Editing forum though? as probuilder is pretty darn simple as it is.

This mean i can build a terrain without unity terrain using a plane and polybrush? If that is true, unity is becoming alone the best engine ever for designers, can you imagine how fast we can build art with this?

This mean we can now build a terrain optmized mesh and sculpt this plane with poly brush, or create an old car and make grass growing in this mesh :O, this is mind blowing, i already own probuilder, unity is getting alone as the only one best engine of 2018.

Extremely awesome news. Go buy Octave3D and the content creation pipeline will be complete. I don’t mind that you guys are buying up stuff I already paid for – just be sure to do the integration right. Don’t make it just another half-assed add on. Get it fully integrated into the IDE.

Great move! The only thing I would ask is that the companies that made the assets (such as ProBuilder) will give some sort of bonus to the people that purchased the asset before they were made free.

As an asset publisher, and an existing ProBuilder customer, I’m very pleased to see this happening. Assets that are not 3D models need a good way to provide demo grey-box scenes, but without plagiarizing other published assets. That means creating custom models in a 3D package that aren’t really part of the core purpose of the asset, just throwaways. With ProBuilder integrated into Unity, asset publishers can create those simple demo scenes without copyright problems and without bloating a non-art asset with extra models.

ProBuilder is also a great tool, and if prototyping functionality is to be integrated into Unity, this was a wonderful choice.

Really like ProBuilder. Now that its part of Unity all I hope for is that they get ProBuilders UI to match Unity’s UI.

I thought this was available for 5.6 as stated in the article till march. Asset store says only 2017 and up. Was it only available in 5.6 for people who purchased it previously?

And I just bought the package couple of days ago. Would I know I would spend the money on some nice models. Well, happens. But the tool is really nice, so it’s good that unity is getting more and more required tools as a build in stuff.

It’s amazing how many great tools Unity is adding to its default library!
These are by far the best assets to improve the workflow for any 3D game.

If you guys are wondering what other tools to incorporate into Unity, here’s a small list:

– UMotion Pro
– Odin
– Final IK
– Thread Ninja
– A* Pathfinding Project

All of those are great!

Thanks for being awesome! I’m glad I switched to Unity years ago.

I don’t know, maybe just read the blog post. I quote “They are now available at no additional cost to all Unity subscription plans (Personal, Plus, Pro and Enterprise).”

This seems to be the best 3D level editing program that I have seen. I have been mapping for Doom using DoomBuilder for the past 3 years, and I have always wanted to make the leap from 2D to 3D but editors such as Radiant and other brush based editors are difficult for me. The grid system is great and this tool looks very easy to pick up and learn, hoping to get my hands on the tools soon.

Thanks, that’s great to know! Ease-of-use is a major focus. As part of Unity now, we can take that much, much further :)

Holdup everybody! The most important part of this blog post is the final picture – the Package Manager. And boy do I like what I see!

Yes please Unity – pressure capability in 2018 would be nice for a 13 year old engine and 34 year old (wacom) technology. “About time!” doesn’t even remotely sum up the stupidity of such an omission.

Excellent news – not the only option for modelling within Unity but perhaps the most mature and fully featured.

yeah.. I didn’t see the progroups anywhere, seems its not even listed on the probuilder website.. but from what I’ve seen it does look like a useful addition. Frankly the entire Unity Hierarchy (and project window) need a damn overhaul..and a speedup going by third party scripts that try to offer improvements on it…. and being able show/hide a gameobject needs to be seperated from editor and game.. such that hiding a gameobject in editor like in a show/hide hierarchy button…. does not hide it in game view with the gameobject active state being disabled.. I don’t care if it takes another hierarchy column to offer it.. or if gameobject has 3 states in the editor like…. [off], [off in editor(on ingame)], [on]… that way hiding things in the editor just to work with the scene.. and forgetting to enable those gameobjects again.. is no longer an annoying problem to workaround because of the lack of editor workflow functionality in Unity.

Nothing certain yet, but we’re looking into some sort of editor vis tools and groups, similar to what ProGroups started. I agree they become critical as scenes get complex.

So am I right in assuming we will now lose the source code access along with the support we had to pro-builder when we bought the original piece of software ? As an indie who paid for pro builder, if that happens, it’s terrible. But I am happy for the community in general. Unity makes so many things accessible to everyone.

SRC is still included from the asset much like TMP – just because it’s installed via package manager doesn’t mean it’s not there, it’s just hidden, you can still find and access it via your configuration.

Seems last year was tooling was for those who have games built and here is some camera and cinema timeline tools to make cutscenes etc. .. So the order of these integrations seems a bit out…still glad Unity finally getting some built in tools to actually help build game content levels etc now, better late than never.

Editor window for it really needs a …[small icon+text mode]…

Also undo.. redo support in vertex,edge,face etc modes needs looking at.. you literately lose all individual move changes if you move those components and want to undo a last step.

Hi! UI improvements definitely on the way (ongoing from before, and new) About the undo/redo, could you create a post on the Support Forum ( so we can look into that? Thanks! -gw

Good integration. But to be fair, people who bought this should redeem the amount that they paid back into the asset store.

Love these additions! Perfect choices

But i wonder, when you say “integrate,” will this be akin to TextMesh Pro where its basically this odd, 3rd party feeling addition with its own UI design and API approach? Or will this be a geniune integration where things like overall UX and consistency across the editor and API will be taken into consideration?

Would be fantastic for these purchases and partnerships to feel like they belong with Unity, and not after-market add-ons.

Will the Probuilder Pro Bundle still be supported in future versions of Unity or will I have to use the version of PB that is now bundled with Unity 2018.1 Beta?

This gets a bit complex, but basically 2018.x will get the Good Stuff- new features, etc, and delivered via the new-and-great Package Manager. For 2017.x and below, you’ll need to use the Asset Store download, and that version will not gain new features/improvements. So we recommend using Unity 2018.x if possible :)

So, the PB Bundle I bought around the Unity 5.6 timeframe will no longer be supported and I will have to use 2018.1 in order to have the latest version?

Seems to me that those who bought the PB bundle when using Unity 5.6 are now in a position where there will be no longer any support for them and they will have to migrate to 2018.1 in order to receive the latest updates to PB

I’ve got a project that’s using ProBuilder Basic. I’m in 2017.3. If I want to upgrade to use this, is there anything tricky about making that transition? Do I need to delete ProCore Basic from my project before integrating the full version?

Also, can we expect to see ProGroups become an official part of Unity soon?

Well this is great, but also kind of screws over for those who actually put money into bulk licensing directly from the developers themselves..

Above it states: “For Unity 2017.x & 5.6, add ProBuilder [and ProGrid] to your projects from the Asset Store. The version of ProBuilder from the Asset Store will only receive bug fixes, no new features.” However, when I click the link to the asset store version it states “Needs Unity Upgrade to 2017.1.0”. I’m on 5.6 Pro, how do I actually get ProBuilder for 5.6 (yes I know support for 5.6 will wane). Also, still willing to pay for 5.6 Pro compatible version.

This is probably the best news I’ve ever read about Unity. I’m really thankful to the Unity Team and for the ProBuilder team for making this happen. I’ve never used polybrush but I’m sure I will have a similar revelation about that.

This is a really cool addition to Unity. The Pro Builder tools are awesome and the tech support over the years from the ProCore team has been amazing. Even doing custom tutorial videos for me. Really happy for you guys.

I’ve purchased ProCore about a year or so ago, and it was by far the best gamedev related purchase I’ve made.

This integration will make Unity much better for everyone.

Will the unity3d editor receive improvements to help accommodate probuilder like what the new ui system got?
Tried it and my only complaint is the ui being very clunky compared to other level builders like unreal.

Also would like to see improvement to the UI. I purchased probably builder and it doesn’t play nicely with the new assemblies feature at all and has a clunky as hell UI. Despite dripping 150 bucks I removed it. Hopefully u ity will improve the quality and integration.

Agreed. Unity needs normal top-hierarchy tabs for this kind of tasks. The old tabs-in-one-window system is very counterproductive.
Like you need separate workflow, but you cant, and you starting to pin lots of tabs like animators, plugin tabs and other.

I’ve been using this package for years. Great tools, was always quite certain they would eventually be added to the Unity Editor. Can’t recommend them enough. The negative comments are rather uninformed as there are different tools for different jobs and the ProTools group does an impressive job filling some big gaps.

Keep up the good work!

It would have been nice if there had been some research into this beforehand. For me, ProBuilder is the 1998 style of level building where you add a bunch of blocks together. It’s fine, but also a huge pain. Something like UModeler would have been better.

Maybe I’m wrong and ProBuilder has added some of its features, but I doubt it.

It would be nice if Unity did some research before merging these types of things in. It’s like the terrain system all over again – outdated. This is why I’m worried about Unity making their own visual scripting system. I hope we don’t end up with Kismet/Playmaker instead of Blueprints!

Thanks for your input B Munro. The good news is that you’ll be able to try ProBuilder by yourself now for free and you’ll see that it has nothing to envy to UModeler. Enjoy!

I’ve owned PB since 2012. There’s plenty to envy. I also highlighted all of these issues in their forum thread years ago, but UModeler still beat them to the punch.

It’s at least as good as the brush system in Unreal, arguably better. Also, it’s not just blocks put together anymore than it is when you create primitives in Maya as a starting point. Vertices, edges, and faces can all be manipulated after than to create arbitrarily complex objects. It’s not a CSG brush editor- you’re creating and editing meshes, just like any other modeler after 1998. Plus, there’s material and UV editing. PB has some quirks, but with this acquisition, it’s hard to not assume that integration with the editor won’t get even better.

>> It’s at least as good as the brush system in Unreal

Actually, I would say it’s worse. There’s no subtraction, and remember Unreal has had those tools since the 90’s. Unreal has all the vertex editing tools also. We shouldn’t be celebrating the integration of a brush system… Too sad.

Try making a basic house with two windows (inward extrusion), a door and a roof. Compare that to Sketchup/Umodeler. The ProBuilder result will be a mess. You could use the CSG in ProBuilder to do it cleaner, but it’s experimental, and who wants to use CSG anyway? It’s nasty.

We should have a more Sketchup-like modeler integrated. It’s easier to use while allowing for more complexity.

I totally agree. UModeller is much better. Unity team being novices again. and give us dark skin free please, its pathetic that we don’t have it already.

This looks great. If there is a future where you can use this + VR to work on a scene it would be amazing to get the scale right on modeled things.

I bought ProBuilder, ProGrids and mostly all the rest of the ProCore Tools years ago. Cost me a pretty penny at full price. But it has been worth every penny. I have long said they are so good that they might as well be folded into Unity Itself. Looks Like I am not the only one. This is awesome news. These guys rock.

Congrats to the ProCore team! This just made unity an easier sell amounts some environment artists/ LDs I know.

Does the package contain the DLL version of ProBuilder, or the source code version as well? If I’ve added some shapes to the Shape Tool, or made other modifications in the source code of the copy I purchased, will I still be able to do that with the integrated version?

The Asset Store version is the same, but the Package Manager version (3.0.1) contains a large number of API breaking changes (and is still distributed in a DLL). We are planning to ship as source code soon however.

I really hope you will integrate ProGroups, QuickBrush and (especially) QuickDecall. Decals is on the feature request for a very long time!

Other than that… GREAT addition and excelent ideea!

This looks awesome! I must say I can’t understand the negative comments here. Really looking forward to trying it out!

You spend the full price of $150 on it and then 2 weeks later they give it away for free, then you would understand.

Polybrush works on meshes only, though now that we’re part of Unity, we’re having lots of interesting talks with the Terrain team!

Is the ProBuilder toolset going to be open-source or part of the engine and editor?

What would be ideal is if you ProBuilder guys and Unity could create public repos on bitbucket, like Unity UI, so then we can maintain our development pipelines as Unity diverges… and potentially deprecates sub-systems, such as layers.

If you have to modularise the codebase initially, so be it, although I hope you will make the pipeline extensible and accessible to developers. Thank you for making these great plugins free.

If you bought ProBuilder on/or after January 1st, 2018 contact our customer service for a refund and please allow us some time to process.

Any plans to integrate the other, now-deprecated tools? QuickDecals seems pretty handy, and I’m sure the other ones are solid too.

Thanks Unity, now I need to switch to another tool so people can’t recognise what I’m currently using.

@amarillosebas – Well at first I’m not saying particularly that I hate this tool. It’s just the competition that I’m concerned about. I’m mainly expecting (and a specific example) that my classmates bother me by saying “if you’re not using Probuilder you’re not using Unity”.
All those annoying things quotes – it happened before when UNet was there. They did the same thing, but I “defended” myself by saying that Photon Cloud rules too, in other ways.
Well above all I don’t expect this to happen in the future, when I work at a company, but there’s a chance this gets even more annoying later on. So now you know.

@Chris Cunningham – See reply above.

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