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At our recent Unite event in Berlin, we shared an update talk on our roadmap. We aim to do this more regularly, as we know it’s important to help you plan ahead. We know that seeing what features we have in production and understanding our goals with Unity as a tool is essential to making sure you can scope your work this year, and in the years to come. Thanks to all of you who continually give us great feedback on our roadmap and help make Unity better.

For an ongoing view of the Unity roadmap, check out the dedicated Roadmap page.

Watch the Unite Berlin Roadmap Talk

For those of you who missed it, here’s the video from the event. Note that whilst we couldn’t cover every single thing in development or at the research phase, the roadmap we shared is fairly complete up to 2019.1 (ETA around March next year).

Download the deck as PDF

Want a closer look at the deck? Grab the PDF version of the deck here. Please remember that dates and version numbers were correct at the time of presentation at Unite Berlin 2018.

Give us your Feedback!

We always want to hear more of your wants and needs here at Unity! Tell us your feelings on the roadmap we shared in the video above, and please give us a heads up on anything we missed. Use the comments below to give us your feedback.


31 replies on “Stay up to date with the Unity Roadmap”

Having been playing with HDRP for several days now, I really feel that Unity teams are going in the right direction for artists. I hope to see more and more easy to use nodes in the shader graph and maybe more terrain tools, easy vertex painting tools and fancy stuff but as it is, HDRP is already a fun tool to play with and results are promising.
(sorry for the empty post, my keyboard is doing some weird stuff)

The new GUI looks nice and clean, nothing useless like gradients and no longer looking like some basic program designed by a beginner programmer from the early 2000’s on windows XP.
One of the main things I kept wanting to go back to Unreal was that their UI was a lot better, but now with Unities new UI has become a lot more clean, I’ll stay.
As I like to say, K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

I’m actually more stressed over an outright absence of intelligibility, I mean if everything is level, I can’t tell a content foundation from a catch or an information field. Which resembles absolute opposite to plan. The “monstrous jumbled” plan had in any event the advantage of having “affordances” their frame took after the capacity, expelling mess should come to this detriment. Additionally it’s not present day nor decline millennial stuff, level outline is extremely old and is a get back to the Bauhaus upset. Can you help me for 3D model this website

Having been playing with HDRP for several days now, I really feel that Unity teams are going in the right direction for artists. I hope to see more and more easy to use nodes in the shader graph and maybe more terrain tools, easy vertex painting tools and fancy stuff but as it is, HDRP is already a fun tool to play with and results are promising.
(sorry for the empty post, my keyboard is doing some weird stuff)

For terrain system, when updated Terrain shipped I hope it’s highly optimized for mobile platform too. If there are some terrain features that’s heavy for mobile platform, it will have the option to remove it.

One more thing I want to mention is although it’s really nice that Unity put a lot of effort into Machine Learning but I really hope at least there is Behavior Tree AI tool for game development will happen.

My goodness please tell me we are getting GPU Lightmapper in 2018.3. It’s been showcased in videos ever since 2017. It was supposedly supposed to be in 2018.2, and still no news.

Nice stuff! The roadmap is like that little notice you see in corner shops “please don’t ask for credit as refusal often offends”, or the writing on the wall :)

Stops people trying to molest Unity staff over random comments in videos (usually dates or whatever).

Some people do have strange attitudes towards the inevitable development timescale slippages, as if anything on this front can really be guaranteed until the feature is really ready. In theory the roadmap already has features that enable the realities of such things to be clearly presented (ie the colour coding). I only go on about such things because it would be a terrible shame if Unity were too afraid to provide timely and accurate roadmap information, with features that were more at risk of slippage, because of a vocal minority and their unrealistic expectations.

Hey Steve, you make a great point but we don’t worry about not being transparent – its more important that disappointing people because everyone in development on our side and your side lives in the real world, we’re doing our best and we will have a better way to represent this on the website soon as we can, cheers for the comment.

Do I need to rewrite my code for Textmesh Pro or can I just let Unity update my code when textmesh pro will replace UI text and UI Dropdown? Will they replace those component? I tried 5 minutes to replace UI text with Textmesh Pro it was easy enough but I don’t need the new features of Textmesh Pro and it’s a pain to replace every code for Textmesh Pro.

Mobile->New Input system (touch)…. What is this? Will it require changes to my current code? I still use the old Input Manager for both PC and Mobile build and I get my x and y coordinates from a virtual joystick for mobile movements. Do I need to change anything?

Feedback: I don’t know if I like the new Editor design. I think the current editor design is really easy to use and intuitive, I think it’s one of the main reason that I started with Unity3d instead of others game engines. Just remember to keep it simple and intuitive.

Hey Lief, afaik there’s no need to replace any code for TextMesh Pro – we’ve simply migrated it to being directly integrated, you may have a script updater feature later in the release cycle once you no longer need a namespace but that should be it. If you have any issues, ping me on twitter @willgoldstone.

Good thank you.
If you know something about the New Input system (touch) in the roadmap for 2018.3 it would be great

I really hope Unity can look into iOS and Android able to update game code dynamically instead of just art asset. This problem still remain until now and I still haven’t hear any official answer from Unity.

This is something we are actively working on – streaming assets etc – take a look at the talk about the Addressables system from Unite Berlin here – – we didn’t have time to fit everything into the roadmap talk but we should have had more on this so apologies for that.

The only thing I’m disappointing in is the style of that new GUI layout… like where the hell are the gradients….’revolutionary design’? you what? flat color background, with text dumped ontop is about as revolutionary as the winblows 10’s garbage interface with it’s flat color square border fat padding idiocracy looking ‘basic’ kindergarten color design.. for noobs without taste.

Anyway seriously add some gradients, I know some subtle beveling around borders is way too much to ask, but having tabs without any soft of gradient color background, and every other panel option without any gradient graphics in the background to seperate different sections really helps… right now it’s all just text, it’s about as crap as the modded theme you can for Unity.. it’s all just awful looking and why the default Apple styled light/dark gui graphics just looks much better…. though in need of an update.. instead you’ve thrown out the graphics, depth etc for this current trend of devolutionary lazy millennial garbage design.

I really like the style that Windows has adopted since Windows 8. I did not like the 10th style for quite some time until I had to revert my Windows back to Windows 8 and then I realized that 10th design was actually better than 8th and I don’t think it’s a “used to” reason. So far I quite enjoy what I see in their UI design but I can understand that different people view the world differently and there are no two people sharing the same taste.

Thanks for your comment, not sure we used the term revolutionary – we’re just out to modernise things here and make them as tactile and useful for you as possible. The current approach and thinking in software design (yes, i’m not using the term ‘trend’ here deliberately) is to de-clutter and remove cognitive load as you navigate interfaces, and that is what we’re hoping to do with the work expressed here. Naturally I too nostalgically look back at the days of wooden veneers, gradients and Winamp skin packs, but sometimes you just have to try new things. We haven’t tried new things in terms of interface design in a long time – that’s our bad, so please bear with us whilst we do what we can to rectify that!

I’m personally more worried about an absolute lack of readability, I mean if everything is flat, I can’t tell a text background from a button or an input field. Which is like antithesis to design. The “ugly cluttered” design had at least the benefit of having “affordances” their form followed the function, removing clutter should come at this expense. Also it’s not modern nor degenerate millennial stuff, flat design is one century old and is a call back to the Bauhaus revolution.

Bring back clear affordances

I really love these roadmap sessions. Similarly, the roadmap site is a great initiative: . But what I don’t understand, is why huge items from the roadmap sessions are not on the roadmap website. Large important releases are sometimes not on there even just before release.

Is there a plan to introduce a good way to stay up to date with the unity roadmap? It still requires scouring the unity forum, and keeping an eye on unites at the moment.

Yeah I dont undersatnd the obvious, large omissions from the roadmap compared to what is said at Roadmap talks either. I’ve tried asking on the forums and on the youtube comments and I never get a response. Some people tell me that I should read something into these omissions, eg treat stuff in the roadmap talks as being less certain than stuff that actually makes it onto the official roadmap, but I dont like that approach or assumptions. Especially as some things missing from the roadmap page have already been delivered, such as the preview build that has the new prefab system in it.

Oops, correction to what I said there. I found the Improved Prefabs stuff in the Development section, although I’m not sure why it isnt in the Feedback build section instead! And I’m not sure why Terrain stuff isnt listed at the moment, given what is said about that elsewhere in the comments to this blog post! New VFX system another obvious omission from the Roadmap compared to the Roadmap talks.

Please tell me you’re not going to make us have to wait until 2018.3 (or later?) to get the terrain changes needed so we can get Speedtree 8 working? IMO your terrain team needs to work more proactively with Speedtree, version 8 has been available for 6ish months on Unreal Engine and more than a year for Lumberyard.

Hi Trilo, Speedtree 8 integration will be coming with 2018.3. Thanks for your feedback. It is our desire to get support out as quickly as we can. Happily the terrain team has grown over the last 6 months which will aid faster turnaround.

Hey Thall, that’s awesome – I definitely wanna see if we can make some new Standard Terrain Assets to ship with the new features. This is pretty much just shader merging trickery anyhow, so we should be able to build something like that to share with you. I’ll look into it and see what’s possible. Thanks for the suggestion!!

Hey unity staff, could you please buy Gaia and integrate into Unity’s new terrain system? i have not made any game yet and its very hard to afford basic components like a full terrain system.

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