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There’s no better opportunity to start a new page of your notepad and start sketching your games ideas because we are celebrating the recently released new 2D tools!

The new tools open up a new world of possibilities. You can import vector graphics to reduce sprite sizes and scale at any resolution, make pixel art or retro gaming camera component, organic & efficient environments with SpriteShape, new types of tilemaps, sprite rigging animation in 2D… we will love to see what you can create using these tools to design your 2D demo.


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New 2D Tools

The new suite of 2D tools can spark new game ideas, since you are no longer restricted to traditional 2D sprites for your game, side-scrolling or top-down grids. Even better, you can create your own tools using the new 2D tools APIs.

We’re looking for demos making a great use of the new 2D tools, you can focus on original game mechanics, gorgeous graphics, or even better, a mix of all those. Just make us say Wow!

You must at least use one of the new 2D features in a prominent way in your project, but you don’t need to use all of them. Here’s a list, with links to resources:

2D Animation

2D Inverse Kinematics

2D Cinemachine,

2D Tilemaps (square, hexagons or isometric),

2D SpriteShape,

2D Pixel Perfect,

Vector Graphics (this package includes an SVG importer and generic vector graphics APIs).

What’s the contest about?

Starting on 23rd October 2018 (during Unite LA’s keynote) until 17th December 2018 you can submit your game projects on Unity Connect.

The project can’t have been published before or use copyrighted material.

For the submission, you should send a visual presentation of the project and some insight into the making of (sketches, clips using the editor, visual explanations of how you created an interesting part of the project with GIFs…).

Remember to use the hashtag #Unity2DChallenge when either submitting your project or while working on it and sharing the progress on social media, we will love to see what’s being cooked.

SpriteShape in action.


A 1st prize of $2000, 2nd prize of $1000 and a 3rd prize of $500 will be awarded to the best projects submitted for our judges.

You can also opt for a special prize of $500 if you create an original editor tool that can help you create your game using the new 2D tools APIs


  • Kenney Vleugels – &
  • Angelos & Nick –  Pixel Reign
  • Ciro Continisio – Unity Evangelist
  • Andy Touch – Unity Evangelist
  • Rus Scammell – Unity Technical Product Manager, 2D
  • Peter Lee – Unity Art Director Content Team

Is this for you?

Are you new to Unity and need something to trigger your dormant game creation passion? YES.

Are you a 2D artist and want to put your skills to test (and show-off) YES.

Are you a Unity fan eager to try the new Unity features? YES.

Are you an experienced developer busy working on complex projects? YES (have some fun on the side!)

You are on your own? Perfect.

You are a team of 4 friends? Perfect, but no more please.

More resources for 2D Development

Get started with Unity for 2D:

New 2D Game kit:

Unity 2D documentation manual:

Nine 2D tools to make your life easier:


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  1. Is the judge’s panel pretty homogeneous? I’d like to nominate Aurore Dimopoulos to represent a different perspective on the panel :)

  2. 2D Tilemaps link is broken.

  3. I have a game in development and for ease of feedback from my friends, I have in in beta on google play. Can I still enter?

    1. Sorry, games displayed publicly before are not allowed, we also need those games to use the new 2D features that were available only a few months ago, thanks for the interest in the contest

  4. At Unity, we’ve seen students create amazing projects from competitions to the classroom to their dorm room. When given the right tools and inspiration to create, they turn their ideas into reality. In just 24 hours at a hackathon or game jam, these minds are able to produce playable prototypes. With a little more time, these prototypes can turn into something even better – becoming projects with high quality and polish that enable students to land dream jobs netgearrouter

    One of the best sites in recent times that we have come across

  5. Can I submit the game to other jam along with submit to this challenge? (The competition has overlap time)

    1. Hi Tim, sorry the project has to remain exclusive for this challenge until it ends, once the 2D challenge ends you can freely use the project for anything

  6. I know it’s 2D, but are we allowed to use pre-rendered 3D graphics as sprites?

    1. Yes, no problem with that @Joshua

  7. Is it true you have to be on Unity Connect to submit?

    1. Yes it’s correct you need a profile on Connect, thanks for the interest Digi