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Community Component – Soft body physics, shaders that deform space, Norman’s Island and our Steam wishlist

, 6월 1, 2019

Get ready to be hypnotized by the jiggly magic of jello, inspired by inception-like effects and motivated to publish your next game. Welcome to another Community Component, and thank you for continuing to share your incredible work by using #madewithunity and #unitytips hashtags on social media and on our community Discord Server.

Inspired by the Community

Our team is constantly inspired by what you create with Unity and we also love to see the community draw inspiration from Unity’s very own. Many VFX enthusiasts are closely watching Unity’s Keijiro Takahashi’s innovative real sense depth camera work. Check out Roel’s project and see how he built on Keijiro’s work to experiment with depth cameras and VFX graph. Roel’s GitHub repo generously shares the source code so you too can download the project, try it out and get creative!

While we are on the topic of the Unity’s Community, we want to encourage you to look for a Unity meetup in your area. We hope that you find an event to attend and a community that will help you with your game dev journey.

Achieving the “jelly jiggle” effect with soft body physics

In this video, Kristin shows you how to turn regular meshes into jello meshes to achieve realistic looking jiggly effects through physics. Follow Kristin’s tutorial as she teaches you how to jigglify any given object. And when you do, we’d love to see the results, so tweet them at Kristin for everyone’s enjoyment. If you get stuck, head over to her Patreon page for source code that’s available to her contributing patrons. She also has many other really creative and interesting intermediate level C# scripting projects on her YouTube channel.

Inception Effect in Unity

If you want to bend the view of the world and bring inception-like visuals to your game, check out Shahriyar Shahrabi’s work to learn how he uses shader based vertex effects to create mind-bending visuals, including access to the source code and samples. Whoa man.

Community Project Showcase and our wishlist

Not coincidentally, the community showcase will include the items from our team’s wishlist and games made with Unity that we can’t stop playing.

Norman’s Island

Norman’s Island, an upcoming action-comedy series of animated short films, is looking amazing in this reveal trailer by Little Mountain Animation’s team. If you’re interested in making real-time rendered films, you should definitely check out their blog!

How to market your indie game from one of the devs behind Islanders

We’ve been losing productivity, on weekends, of course, building beautiful cities while playing Islanders. We also have been following Jonas Tyroller, one of the developers behind the game, and he has some advice on how to market your indie game at launch to get visibility and find a game concept that is marketable. If you’re about to ship your game or thinking about a new project, you might want to hear this.



Gladiabots, a cross-platform game released last week by Sébastien Dubois, lets you experience the power of AI through battle robots. In this server-based, multiplayer combat strategy game, you can construct your robots’ AI and send them into the battle. Depending on the outcome, you can change the type of robots you send into the battle and their AI until you gain a battlefield advantage and outsmart your opponents. Gladiabots offers three game modes and endless AI combinations. Sébastien was an essential early contributor to #unitytips Tuesdays on Twitter and we couldn’t be happier to see his game come out!


Silent Road Games recently unveiled this sneak peek of Afterlight, their upcoming puzzle-adventure game. You will play as Xin, an astronaut on a mission gone rogue. Xin’s life will depend on her ability to solve every challenge that comes her way. She begins to question her reality as the plot twists.



The team behind GameSwing recently shared the brand new Steam page for OddBallers – and it went on our wishlist immediately. We expect heaps of fun, fast-paced dodgeball action in the multiplayer mode that will put our controller skills to test. The multiplayer will let you compete with up to 5 friends locally or online.


Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Community Component and we hope you enjoyed today’s showcase. Let us know what else you would like to see in future posts and share your thoughts if you were inspired by anything that you saw today. If you’d like to share a project of your own, share with us on Twitter, the Unity Forums or the official Unity Discord Server.