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Introducing Unity Learn Premium: Get direct guidance from experts

, 6월 27, 2019

Level up your skills with exclusive access to Unity experts, live sessions, and a comprehensive library of resources for in-demand skill sets across industries.

We’ve heard your requests for more advanced and in-depth content, and resources for specific industries like automotive, architecture, or media and entertainment. And we’ve also heard that you want access to experts who can give you immediate guidance and feedback on specific challenges or questions. That’s why we’re excited to launch Unity Learn Premium, a go-to resource for learning real-time 3D development with Unity.

We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, free learning resources for Unity, and we will continue to add to and maintain the free courses, projects, and tutorials on Unity Learn. More in-depth and advanced resources for serious hobbyists and professionals who want to specialize in an industry or get direct guidance will be available through Unity Learn Premium. 

If you have a Unity Plus or Unity Pro license, you can access Unity Learn Premium for free with your current subscription. Just log in with your Unity ID and go to Unity Learn Premium to start learning! If your Pro license was purchased through a Unity representative and is not tied to a Unity ID, please get in touch with your sales representative and request a voucher code to access this benefit.

Otherwise, you can try Unity Learn Premium for 30 days, free. After that, you can continue accessing all the great resources and interactive learning on Unity Learn Premium for $15 a month.  

Learn straight from the experts

Learn Live, biweekly interactive sessions with Unity Certified instructors, gives you the opportunity to get immediate answers, feedback, and guidance directly from the experts. You’ll work through challenges, and learn together with an engaged community of your peers. 

Upcoming topics include:

  • Up to Speed with Timeline – July 11, 9:30am PDT
  • Cinemachine Cameras – July 25, 9:30am PDT
  • Asset Management with FBX Importer, Probuilder, and Polybrush – August 8, 9:30am PDT
  • The Maya to Unity Pipeline – August 22, 9:30am PDT

Ramp up on the skills you need for your career

Demand for real-time 3D developments skills is growing rapidly. With Unity Learn Premium, you can track your progress on guided learning paths for the most in-demand skill sets for industries including gaming, automotive, transportation, manufacturing, architecture, engineering, construction, and media and entertainment.

Access a growing library of on-demand Premium learning resources

Unity Learn is designed to help you quickly find the content you need for the goal or project at hand. With over 150 tutorials, projects, and courses to start with and new content added every month, updated for the latest release, there are resources for creators at every stage of learning. 

Take bite-sized tutorials like Understand the Emission Component of HDRP Lights, work on hands-on projects like Unity 2018 UI Fundamentals, or dive into in-depth courses like The Unity C# Survival Guide.

Unity-approved content featured on partner platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and Pluralsight are also included in your subscription. 

Premium content is labeled with a “Premium” icon next to the project, course, or tutorial title. You can also check out the Learn Live calendar for upcoming webinars and filter for Premium content by checking the “Premium” filter while viewing the Projects, Courses, or Tutorial pages.

Ready to get started?

Start discovering all the great Unity Learn Premium offerings by signing up for the 30-day free trial. You will need: 

  1. Your Unity ID to login (if you do not have one, create one in seconds
  2. An email address to receive your receipts and other important account information
  3. A credit card 

After the 30-day free trial, your credit card will automatically be charged the monthly subscription fee of $15/month. You will receive an email confirmation and invoice for your records. 

If you’re a Unity Pro or Plus user, lucky you — Unity Learn Premium is included in your subscription! Just make sure you’re logged in with your Unity ID before you start exploring. Note: if your Pro license is not tied to a Unity ID, get in touch with your sales representative for a voucher to access this benefit.

Premium content is labeled with a “Premium” icon next to the project, course, or tutorial title. You’ll also see the Learn Live calendar and have access to Streaming Labs. Filter for Premium content by checking the “Premium” filter while viewing the Projects, Courses, or Tutorial pages. 

To get to your personalized learning dashboard, click on the profile icon on the top right side of the page and select “My Learning.” Note that you must be signed in with your Unity ID to track your learning progress.

Our learning team is just getting started and will be continually adding to this rich library of learning resources. We would love to hear from you. Please send us your feedback!

To support you during this challenging time, you can get complimentary access to Unity Learn Premium through June 20, or join Create with Code Live, a virtual course for students, teachers, or anyone interested in learning to code. Learn all about these educational resources and many more in our educator-focused Unite Now series.

18 replies on “Introducing Unity Learn Premium: Get direct guidance from experts”

So far I find the content very disappointing. Most stuff i see so far is very short and beginner that should be free in the first place.
for example: should be free. (many more examples of very low newbie content that should not have been premium and can be found elsewhere for free.)
Also It looks like quickly a bunch of content is grabbed together without even checking.
For example:
this asset is NO longer in the store and when it was it was broken in most unity versions with no support because the developer had a burn down.
I was excited and I wanted to start a Plus account again. (As I stopped to save money to pay for Unity related courses ) But most of the content so far is low skill and or low quality. Only interesting are perhaps the learn live sessions.
I understand this is just starting and more content will be added over time but at the moment it feels like a rushed gathered of mostly *low quality tutorials that should not have been marked premium.
* not all as there are some better quality stuff also.
But for now I’ll keep paying for my courses elsewhere as I am just a hobby user that wants to dive deeper into Unit then the basics.

Im guessing from what i read on assetstore for gamedev course saying you cant use anything on your own projects, Is that right…???

I look at the first Best Practices for Variables who was in it. Advertised 5 minutes long (…) really last 2 minutes, no transcription.
The trainer gives a personal preference on a naming convention stating it was now an official Microsoft convention. Turns out that’s actually not true at all (General Naming Conventions : DO NOT use underscores, hyphens, or any other nonalphanumeric characters).

A quick look at the others videos titles and realize that I have already seen most of these videos from Pluralsight. The quality of these courses is not professional.

May I suggest including courses from moderate to expert level? Especially if my subscription is used for this kind of production.
Basically, it is like paying to get information of lower quality than what is currently in the documentation or the forum.

Overall, the more it goes the more I find things are getting messier at Unity. Paying didn’t improve my user experience at all.

It’s an unethical move to lock knowledge behind a paywall and I’m utterly disappointed in Unity Technologies leadership.

Locking out individuals, who want to learn, but can’t pay the monthly subscription fee, is not how you make game-development any better.

Shame on you!

Something in my guts tells me this is a bad move!
Please don’t make Unity complicated just to make money out of the tutorials

The post appears to suggest that the Unity learning material from Coursera will be included in the $15/month subscription. Coursera currently offer courseware for the Unity Certifications at a price (as I have just learnt) of £59/month. Much as I’d love to believe I’m reading this right, getting that for £50 less a month plus all the other learning content sounds way too good to be true.

Could anyone clarify what Unity’s plans are regarding the courseware for their Certifications and this new Learn Premium service? Would their be a higher tier subscription that included them, a one-off payment per course, or would you still need to subscribe separately to another learning provider like Coursera?

This is a great move.. -in the wrong direction, like it was when Unity Technologies shut down the feedback site.
Knowledge should be free.. for everyone.. forever, to have a skilled community with outstanding apps now and in the future.

Can always just poke on forums, where it will remain free :) I’ve given out a decade of free advice so far :P

I’m paying Plus subscription (purchased online), I logged with my Unity ID, but Unity Learn Premium still asks me for paying. Am I missing something?

I have a Unity Pro license through my company and don’t see to have access to Premium content. Any suggestions?

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