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In another exciting Creator Kit adventure, we’re bringing you the next installment, Beginner Code. Our Creator Kits are short tutorials that take you step-by-step through a game example, learning the basics of Unity without writing any code. That is until now…

This brand new beginner code kit is a hack-and-slash style, top-down, third-person RPG. 

Try to stop Cactus Nails from wreaking havoc in these parts with your trusty rake. Use the example game to understand the principles of writing code, crafting your own scripts and adjusting the gameplay to your own tastes. 

Primarily aimed at beginners interested in learning the fundamentals of Unity, this 11 part tutorial introduces you to writing and understanding code basics. Learn by doing by refreshing your knowledge with the previous Creator Kits and getting some integral code knowledge on variables, functions, classes, inheritance and more. This foundational understanding of code will give you the knowledge and power you need to move forward in your game developer journey. 

So pull up your boots and go explore the dusty town of Rancho Rodadora. Go antler-to-thorn with the Cactus Boss and complete the tutorial to gain a deeper understanding of how Unity works with this beginner code Creator Kit. 

5 replies on “New Creator Kit: Beginner Code – Get coding quickly”

Is it possible to save your project in with creator kit? It keeps making a save in my Local\Temp file location and every time I make changes, and reset my pc my saved project is no where to be found.

If only these had existed back when I was learning!

These seem really decent for newcomers, will probably be my new goto when advising newbies where to start!

My thoughts exactly, looks extremely promising and its the cream on a cake when you can fine tune a game, change little mechanisms etc.., this sure gonna bring more people into Unity too ^^

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