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New career pathways help you break into the gaming and tech industries

, 11월 17, 2020

Gain the skills you need for a coding role. Our new guided learning experiences help you create a portfolio, get Unity Certified, and prepare for a new job.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented global recession that has left millions of people around the world unemployed. Today, as part of our Unity Social Impact efforts, we’re taking the first step toward providing an alternative, no-cost path to employment with the launch of career pathways. 

These pathways are guided learning experiences that help anyone interested in coding and breaking into the gaming and tech industries expand their professional opportunities by gaining the skills they need to obtain a job, regardless of prior experience. Our new initiative is designed for people from a wide range of backgrounds, and supports our commitment to creating inclusive economic opportunities, including for Black and Latinx creators, who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. 

Over the next three years, we intend to equip over 80K people with the skills they need to start and advance a career with Unity. We plan to do this via career pathways that give you the skills to go from Unity beginner to a tech job, and by providing a range of opportunities to help close the experience gap that often exists when someone is starting a new job or entering a new industry.

At Unity, it’s important to us to support our community of creators, especially when times are tough. In March, we launched a free live learning series teaching people how to code and made Learn Premium available to everyone at no cost. Recently, we established Unity Social Impact, underpinned by 750K shares of Unity common stock.  

The unemployment figures across the world are staggering. We recognize that there is an urgent need to learn new skills and deepen current competencies to be competitive in the job market. We also know that Unity skills are highly in demand. 

According to’s “State of Engineering” report, AR/VR and gaming engineers had the highest job growth in 2019, at 1,400% and 146%, respectively. As Unity remains the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D content, the surging demand in these fields indicates that people with Unity skills are more sought after than ever, making this an opportune time to build and advance your Unity skills. 

Image from’s “2020 State of Software Engineers” report

From Unity novice to Junior Programmer

The first pathway is Unity Essentials, a 1- to 2-week guided learning journey that teaches you Unity basics and is designed for anyone who wants to become familiar with Unity and real-time content creation. 

Unity Essentials covers everything you need to take the first step toward a new career, from must-know industry terms to the creation of your first project.

This beginner-friendly pathway features interviews with Unity veterans who share their experiences creating with Unity and showcases the various ways in which Unity is used in industry, from games to film. By the end of this pathway, you’ll have created your first game and be empowered to create interactive experiences. 

Once you complete Unity Essentials, or if you’re already familiar with Unity, you’re ready to begin the second pathway, Junior Programmer, to learn the coding skills you need to create your dream project and start expanding your career opportunities.

This pathway is a 3- to 4-month, 60-hour guided learning journey with no coding or math prerequisites that will equip you with the technical and soft skills needed to find a job as a junior programmer. Junior programmer is an entry-level role with a median salary of $49K that serves as a stepping stone into the world of game development and app creation. It sets the foundation for you to grow into a specialization in your area of interest, such as a gameplay, graphics, AR/VR programmer, and others.

Create your professional portfolio and validate your Unity skills 

A professional portfolio is an integral part of your job application. As you progress along your pathway, you will create up to five portfolio pieces to support your career transition by showcasing your knowledge and skills to potential employers. 

Junior Programmer also prepares you to pass two Unity Certifications to help you further demonstrate your job-readiness. Halfway through this pathway, you’ll be prepared to take the Unity Certified User: Programmer exam, an entry-level certification that signals to employers that you’ve mastered the foundations of both Unity and C# programming. 

By the end of the Junior Programmer pathway, you’ll be equipped to take the Unity Certified Associate: Programmer exam (available February 2021), a certification designed for people seeking their first professional role using Unity. Passing the certification grants you an official certificate and badge shareable on your LinkedIn profile, so that you can stand out from the crowd to recruiters searching for qualified candidates. 

Additionally, you’ll earn a pathway completion badge that you can add to your LinkedIn profile to showcase your Unity skill level to potential employers and colleagues.   

We’re excited to support you on your journey to advance your career and break into the gaming and tech industries. We’ll be announcing more career pathways and expanding upon this initiative in the coming year. In the meantime, get started with Unity Essentials and Junior Programmer today. 

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Thank you so much Unity for preparing this pathway. I would love more pathways on level design, game mechanics and other topics with Unity

Break into the video game industry with theoretical, technical, and business … Started a new career after completing this specialization. … If you love games and want to learn how to make them, then this course will start you down that path.

>supports our commitment to creating inclusive economic opportunities, including for Black and Latinx creators, who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

What a racist thing to say… Shame on you.

That’s awesome. This initiative made me think…like. One day, I will work for unity or work in unity. Thanks for the entire team for such a great idea. It’s pushing all odds and giving constructive thoughts against in this pandemic situation.

Nice, but please don’t put too much hope for a job after that, I got mine Unity Certified User – Programmer badge in June 2020 after Create with Code Live, from that moment 3 published games, over 300 CV send and no job or earnings from gaming at all.
If You are thinking of programming may be more widely in industries use .NET would be better.

Don’t get me wrong, try, but it is not an easy way of earning money and if You are betting Your family well-being on it … just be careful.

To Unity: again some help for people that You trained already would be very appreciated, right now Your certification does NOT seam to matter at all.

Well you also need to get a degree etc. The unity certification is an EXTRA to a proper education, no-one will hire you in industry without proper education.

Without my BSc and MSc I would never have gotten my first job as developer.

Very cool, although this article is written as if the audience is only American. Is that intentional? Unity is used worldwide.

Omg that’s what i wanted a full guide. I love you unity. I played so many games of you. That’s sounds awesome

Omg that’s what i wanted a full guide. I love you unity. I played so many games of you. That’s sounds awesome to get my dream job

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