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Each year, thousands of new and updated assets arrive at the Unity Asset Store, from 3D models to full-featured game templates.

New Year Sale 2021

Now through January 7, 2021, find thousands of assets up to 50% off at the Asset Store, including these hot new releases.

Experienced developers know how powerful these assets can be, helping them to save time, amplify their efforts, and ultimately release projects faster. While tried-and-true assets are highlighted by high ratings and testimonials from their fanbases, we wanted to showcase some new and notable selections that have quickly proved their power and potential but might still be under your radar.



Game Creator RayFire for Unity

RPG Builder

Freya Holmér

Many devs remember Shader Forge, an insanely powerful visual scripting tool for creating shaders within Unity. Today, we have Amplify Shader Editor and the built-in Shader Graph tool, which fill in the space created by Shader Forge.

Freya Holmér is back with a brand-new asset called Shapes. An instant bestseller, “Shapes is a real-time vector graphics library with high-quality line drawing and infinite resolution shapes, rendered with advanced anti-aliasing techniques,” according to Freya.

Reviewer tomraegan sums it up: “This extremely professional asset surprises at each turn, from performant shapes, low draw calls, flexibility in shape manipulation and coloring, deep levels of customized shape effects (the dotted lines are my favorite) and superior appearance in-game.”



Game Creator
Catsoft Studios

While technically not released in 2020, Game Creator has found a huge following this year. It’s a theme-agnostic suite of tools designed to get games off the ground quickly, empowering all users to create games without writing a line of code.

This powerful asset pack continues to expand with Melee, a newer add-on module for the Game Creator ecosystem. The Melee module brings “a fully-fledged close quarter combat system” to Game Creator, as well as tools to drive smart AI behaviors.



RayFire for Unity
RayFire Studios

Things often get blown up and destroyed in video games. A lot. To drive this destruction, RayFire for Unity offers developers the ability to demolish or slice objects at runtime over and over again, splintering pretty much anything into oblivion. Updates landing in 2020 have taken RayFire (and its popularity among game devs) to the next level.

As the developer puts it, “RayFire provides Advanced Dynamic Simulation Control over your simulated objects and demolished fragments like Activating them at the moment you need and affect them by Bomb explosion, Gun shooting, Wind and Vortex forces.”

Users are also discovering the power of a tool that works not only on meshes but also on skinned meshes, letting them create effects that shatter bad guys with a freezing ray and so much more.


RPG Builder

For those looking to create an epic RPG, the aptly named RPG Builder helps you do it. Introduced to the Asset Store at the end of 2020, this game editor brings AI, combat systems, stats, abilities, and other RPG-favorite mechanics like pet systems to your fingertips.

We love the community that has formed in the months following this system’s release, with active development, support, and conversation on the publishers’ Discord channel, which indicates RPG Builder will be supported and expanded in the future.



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Bonus: Avid Unity creator TheMessyCoder is highlighting Asset Store wins through a mix of interviews with Asset Store publishers, game developers, streamers, and more, along with raffles and prizes including some amazing Unity assets. Check it out through December 23 2020.

21 replies on “Breakout assets of 2020”

The best thing about this year has been Messy Coder’s interviews. He is always friendly, welcoming and can talk for hours. He is not afraid of getting hands on with any Unity asset, including these breakout ones or asking any question to these amazing asset developers. I have purchased and won many great assets due to watching Messy’s twitch and youtube videos and are always learning something new. If anyone is reading this, come and see for yourself, but remember not to say fudge or bug…

Thank’s to Messy’s streams I’ve had the pleasure of listening to these publishers. The interviews are entertaining and informative and the assets are fantastic.
Thanks for highlighting them here, it’s well deserved.

Amazing job to the assets listed here, as well as all the helpful assets on the store. Congratz to the Amazing MessyCoder, for all the fun interviews. esp cool when he sometimes breaks the asset and creator, notes it and fixes it for everyone.

Congratulations to all this developers and a big thank you, because without excellent assets many indie games could never see the light (And remember these assets are on dicount right now).
Also, don’t forget to follow the TheMessyCoder, he has useful reviews, fun interviews and the famous raffles where you can win some amazing prizes. ( He’s like Unity’s Santa )

Great to see TheMessycoder being mentioned here. He has manageed to start a great community where I hope most people can feel welcome. Hearing asset publishers and game devs talk about their work is super interesting and the interviews and reviews has helped me make decisions about assets I’m iffy about.

COntrats to Messy and the asset publishers mentioned here!

TheMessyCoder’s interviews are really helpfull when you try to decide which asset you should buy in this sale .

Amazing Folks. Congratz to everyone making the List, and Congratz to the Amazing MessyCoder!

It’s so interesting to hear what developers can talk about their products live. No description can replace real communication! Thank you Messy The Coder for these Twitch interviews, what are you doing for us!

What better than watching an awesome , The Messy Coder Twitch interview with the Brilliant Developers ! , i can’t miss every moment i spent on his stream , is like i’m joining a story of History book or something. and the Developers & Community are Brilliant!. join us and let that community grow even more!

Wow what amazing publishers mentioned in this article! Each one is amazing and deserves so much praise for the quality of their work!
also thank you to each of them for coming on my show as guests to talk & laugh… oh and the prizes!!!

Thank you to unity for the shout out in this blog and huge thanks to those kind words in the comments section.


Big +1 for Messy Coder’s asset reviews. Let’s be honest, the number of Unity assets is overwhelming and his reviews really help to understand what each asset is providing and whether it is relevant. Seeing an asset loaded into Unity and actually used is the perfect way to understand if it’s right for me.

The Messy Coder interviews and reviews have both cost me money (made me realize just how freakin awesome an asset is) and saved me money (made me realize that while the asset is awesome it’s not what I need). Not only that but he’s entertaining and down to earth. Check out his streams.

The fact that many of these holiday streams fall during my workday means it might cost me more than just asset store purchases, but what the hell, it’s fun!

The Messy Coder is, honestly, the only reason I have made the plunge on assets I was iffy about. His unbiased interviews and ability to ask questions most don’t think of have helped me determine what will work and what won’t. On top of that, his community and how much he is a part of it, has made the process of game development seem a lot less difficult and lonely.

I love the Messy Coders Twitch streams and YouTube videos. If he’s not reviewing assets, he’s interviewing the creators. Why wouldn’t you be a follower? Exactly, there is no good reason.

RPG Builder by THMSV is awesome. You can feel the love the developer put into it and keeps putting into it. His soul is in that asset, no doubt. And Messy’s reviews and interviews are an invaluable source of info. Do yourself a favor and sub his twitch channel.

The Messy Coder’s interview of Procedural Worlds yesterday was great. I will be tuning in the for the rest of the holiday interviews and discussions. The Messy Coder’s discord and stream are great places to discuss assets on sale and determine if they are for you.

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