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Publisher Sale highlight: Discover fully rigged fantasy assets from Protofactor

, 2월 19, 2021

Choose your own adventure with Protofactor’s AAA-quality creature and character assets at 50% off.


Now is the time to create spellbinding stories with heroic fantasy content from one of the Asset Store’s most popular publishers. Protofactor offers more than 200 packages of finely detailed action figures, animals, beasts, and other sci-fi hybrids – and all of them are on sale for a limited time only. These stunning sets invoke the imagery of mythical deities and fantastic Boschian monsters, reminiscent of even the most skilled Renaissance master’s painting. Whether you’re looking to let players beat original bosses or want to establish a unique aesthetic that fits your project, Protofactor’s rich, fully rigged creature and character assets are sure to keep your game fresh and fiendishly fun. 

Rodolphe Langlois, the lead artist and CEO of the Protofactor, Inc. 3D studio, first turned to the Unity Asset Store over a decade ago, in early 2011, and he hasn’t looked back since. As imaginative as he is inspiring, Langlois relishes his craft and vows to keep on creating diverse forms and organic figures well into the future: “I’ll still be here in 30 years!”

We love his motivation and want to compel you to create your own story, too. That’s why we’re highlighting Protofactor’s powerful work with a Publisher Sale, where you can save 50% on the publisher’s entire catalog from February 22–28 – and get a Demon Dog for free.


Adopt Demon Dog for free

Want to get to know Protofactor’s custom creatures before you buy? Download Demon Dog for free – we think you’ll be back and begging for more. Offer ends February 28. Grab the coupon code here starting February 22.

There are way too many amazing Protofactor art packages to play favorites, so here are just a few to whet your appetite.


Heroic Fantasy Creatures Ultimate Collection Bundle

This is huge: Get almost 100 characters with this high-quality heroic fantasy collection – and save $350 when you buy it on sale. 

The Heroic Fantasy Creatures Full Packs come together in this massive offering. With one-of-a-kind, distinguished designs and animations tailored to fantasy game development, you can bring your project to life building from a solid base.



Sci Fi Characters Mega Pack Vol. 2

Peer into the future with out-of-this-world robots, humanoid-alien hybrids and big bosses. These sharp sci-fi characters are ideal for building 3D worlds and 2D side scrollers with 3D characters – not to mention adding epic battles to any game. 

The pack currently includes 12 characters, with plans in the works to incorporate even more over time (up to 30 in all!). While details might change, if you get the pack now you’ll benefit from upcoming updates for free. This is a set that keeps on giving, so don’t miss out.



Animals Full Pack

Populate your project with real-world animals across land, sky and sea. The Animals Full Pack contains 24 lively creatures, supported for both PBR and legacy shaders.

This pack includes a bear, boar, golden eagle, sheep, sparrow, wolf, elephant, lion, zebra, fox, and even a great horned owl. With this much active wildlife present, your players are bound to find your game a hoot.



Monster Full Pack Volume 1

Select the right killer creatures to populate your bestiary, straight from the mind of Protofactor. From fierce beasts to morphing monsters, these fantastic genre-bending characters come in all shapes and sizes. 

Equipped with shells, spikes or wings, some fly, some crawl, while others sprint and jump. Get to know them better.



Whether you’re making sci-fi, fantasy, or other projects, this limited-time Protofactor Publisher Sale gives you the chance to experience the magic firsthand. Save 50% on all Protofactor assets until February 28, and download the rigged and animated Demon Dog character for free. Grab the coupon code here starting February 22.