In-editor Games

3월 22, 2012

Unity is a great engine with which to quickly and efficiently develop games. In fact, it enables you to be so productive, that you may ask y... 더 읽기

GDC 2012: Unity 3.5 and Advanced Character Animation preview

3월 10, 201234

Game Developers Conference 2012, San Francisco was the biggest show for Unity to date. Showcasing the exciting new features of Unity 3.5, an... 더 읽기

London Unity Usergroup 9

3월 1, 20122

A few months ago, we got to see ‘Super Spring Break Speed Boat Hero SD’ in a talk by Russ Morris and George Buckingham from PLA studios, an ... 더 읽기

Unity 3.5 released

2월 20, 201218

Last week, after a successful public beta, we shipped Unity 3.5. Thank you to the 50,000+ beta users who helped make this one of our best re... 더 읽기

London Unity Usergroup 8

1월 26, 2012

January 25th 2012, London Southbank University was host to the monthly London Unity usergroup. Organisers Russ Morris and Jasper Stocker wer... 더 읽기

The Global Game Jam 2012

1월 25, 201218

  Its that time of year again! It seems like a lifetime ago that I was attending my very first Global Game Jam back in early 2009... 더 읽기

Unity 3.5 Developer Preview: Expanding Horizons!

1월 25, 201221

The recently released Unity Developer Preview is jam-packed with new features. Among the most exciting of these features are previews of two... 더 읽기

Union bringing games to 2012 LG smart TVs

1월 13, 20128

This week at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Unity games were playing on an exciting new platform: LG smart TVs. Union is working with LG to bring... 더 읽기

Unity 3.5 Developer Preview

12월 22, 201141

Yesterday marked a huge milestone for Unity - releasing a public beta preview of our upcoming version 3.5 (Okay so you're excited, you someh... 더 읽기

Assets to bring detail & fidelity to your game worlds

12월 6, 20118

When creating compelling video game levels, the idiom 'God is in the Details' couldn't be more true. Detail in your world design is a sign ... 더 읽기

London Unity Usergroup 7

11월 25, 2011

November 24th 2011, London Southbank University is host to the monthly London Usergroup. In this session, Will Goldstone and Christopher Pop... 더 읽기

Unity at the Massive Black Workshops

11월 14, 2011

Our good friends at Massive Black, who include some of the most accomplished and talented artists in the industry, have invited Unity to par... 더 읽기

Build Engineering and Infrastructure: How Unity Does It

10월 21, 201117

Hello!  I'm Na'Tosha and I'm the Build and Infrastructure Developer here at Unity Technologies.  While speaking with users at the awesome U... 더 읽기