Another million Unity developers in the house

7월 9, 201344

Just over a year ago there were a million Unity enthusiasts around the world. As of June 22 this year, there are now 2 million of you. Holy ... 더 읽기

How we share Android test suites with the world

7월 4, 201318

In my last blog post I introduced you to our Runtime Test Framework and how it allows us to test the Unity Runtime API on a wide range of pl... 더 읽기

From camping in the classroom, to a real game dev studio

7월 3, 20137

The following post was written by Steffen Kabbelgaard, CEO of indie studio BetaDwarf. At the end of this post you can watch a short video in... 더 읽기

Introducing Unity Games

7월 1, 201311

Union is now Unity Games. We’re the same team, working with the same award-winning Unity developers—we've just changed names to better refl... 더 읽기

What happened at the Build conference?

6월 27, 201326

Today at Microsoft’s annual Build conference, a strategic partnership was announced between Unity and Microsoft. That means support for thei... 더 읽기

Unity Web Player installs fueled by gaming site Kongregate

6월 16, 201316

Of the over 220 million users who’ve installed Unity Web Player since the plug-in launched in 2005, many accessed it through Kongregate. Go... 더 읽기

Introducing the Inside Sales Team

6월 5, 201311

Currently we have a team of 10 dedicated Account Executives, 4 of which are located in Europe, 3 in our UK, Brighton office and 1 in our Lit... 더 읽기

Runtime Tests – Unity’s Runtime API Test Framework

6월 2, 201312

Hi, my name is Kasper Amstrup Andersen, and I am leading the Toolsmiths Team here at Unity. The Toolsmiths Team consists of 6 developers, an... 더 읽기

Commercial success with Unity’s free technology and tools

5월 28, 201311

We recently chatted with a couple of indie customers who released successful commercial content with the free version of Unity and the Basic... 더 읽기

A good workflow to smoothly import 2D content into Unity, Part II: Importing

5월 23, 201320

Recently I wrote about authoring your 2D content in Photoshop and then setting it up for exporting. Today’s post will cover importing the fi... 더 읽기

Putting the power of Unity in the hands of every mobile developer

5월 21, 2013262

Our simply big idea has always been to make game development accessible to more people with better tools. To help developers fulfil their cr... 더 읽기

A good workflow to smoothly import 2D content into Unity, Part I: authoring and exporting

5월 17, 201330

Unity has been used to develop numerous high quality 2D games over the years. This article, which is based on a talk I gave at three of our ... 더 읽기

Lvov Game Hackathon – the view from inside

5월 16, 20135

Hi everyone! I want to share with all of you the news on Game Hackathon that took part in Lvov, Ukraine last weekend. Unity Technologies ... 더 읽기