Unity 3.5 Developer Preview: Expanding Horizons!

1월 25, 201221

The recently released Unity Developer Preview is jam-packed with new features. Among the most exciting of these features are previews of two... 더 읽기

Union bringing games to 2012 LG smart TVs

1월 13, 20128

This week at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Unity games were playing on an exciting new platform: LG smart TVs. Union is working with LG to bring... 더 읽기

Unity 3.5 Developer Preview

12월 22, 201141

Yesterday marked a huge milestone for Unity - releasing a public beta preview of our upcoming version 3.5 (Okay so you're excited, you someh... 더 읽기

Assets to bring detail & fidelity to your game worlds

12월 6, 20118

When creating compelling video game levels, the idiom 'God is in the Details' couldn't be more true. Detail in your world design is a sign ... 더 읽기

London Unity Usergroup 7

11월 25, 2011

November 24th 2011, London Southbank University is host to the monthly London Usergroup. In this session, Will Goldstone and Christopher Pop... 더 읽기

Unity at the Massive Black Workshops

11월 14, 2011

Our good friends at Massive Black, who include some of the most accomplished and talented artists in the industry, have invited Unity to par... 더 읽기

Build Engineering and Infrastructure: How Unity Does It

10월 21, 201117

Hello!  I'm Na'Tosha and I'm the Build and Infrastructure Developer here at Unity Technologies.  While speaking with users at the awesome U... 더 읽기

Asset Store Action News – October 2011!

10월 19, 201114

Autumn is here.. and for those of us in the northern hemisphere, this means cooler weather, colorful falling leaves, pumpkins and Halloween ... 더 읽기

London Unity Usergroup 5 & 6

10월 19, 20111

The London Unity Usergroup had its fifth and sixth events within the last 6 weeks (due to the former being delayed after the london riots), ... 더 읽기

Tips for water in Unity

10월 7, 201115

This post will show you how to create water with a custom mesh, adjust the settings and gain some artist insight into making water look nice... 더 읽기

Unite 11 – Its Over

10월 3, 201113

Unite has just flown by in a complete blur, as it always does. The Unity staff are heading their different ways, all across the world to get... 더 읽기

Unite 11 – Day 2

9월 30, 20114

So day two of Unite 11 has come to a close. At the time of writing I've just got home from the Unite Party, it was really cool and I had a g... 더 읽기

SHADOWGUN talk at Unite

9월 29, 20116

Many people were asking for slides from yesterdays "SHADOWGUN: rendering techniques and optimization challenges" talk, so here it is: SHADOW... 더 읽기