Unity’s Partner Pavilion at GDC 2010

3월 4, 2010

In addition to all of our other GDC activities, we're going to be joined in our booth with a selection of great partners. This is a win-win ... 더 읽기

Summer of Code: Terrain Toolkit Released!

2월 23, 201019

This blog post is written by Sándor Moldán (Nekharoth on forums) who has been working on Terrain Toolkit to help generate realistic terrains... 더 읽기

New Character Animation / 3rd Person Shooter Demo

2월 11, 20107

At Unite '09 Paulius Liekis and I did a presentation on Character Animation Tips & Tricks. We discussed a range of animation techniques ... 더 읽기

Unity Tech signs a three-year deal with LEGO!

2월 8, 20108

As y'all know the user base for Unity is exploding and that growth includes developers across the spectrum, from games to non-games, from sm... 더 읽기

Unity and Mobile pt. 2 : The iPad Cometh

2월 1, 201025

Ok, so the iPad is now officially old news. Let me get something out of the way, first: yes, we will support it. Yes, we are aiming for 0-da... 더 읽기

Granny Theft Tofu

2월 1, 201011

This past weekend was the Global Game Jam, where teams from all around the world worked tirelessly to create amazing games in a single weeke... 더 읽기

Author once, deploy anywhere?

1월 22, 201015

(더 보기…) 더 읽기

Unity and Mobile

1월 20, 201021

I wanted to take a moment and talk a bit about how we see mobile platforms here at Unity. Any talk about mobile will start with the iPhon... 더 읽기

Emacs mode for Unity Javascript

1월 15, 20107

As you  may have heard before every friday we spend our time working on personal projects. I have been working on a Unity Javascript mode... 더 읽기

2010 Trends

1월 14, 201021

2010 Trends – Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason We're living in exciting times, and in some ways we here at Unity Technologies are in a... 더 읽기

Please send us your project folders

1월 12, 20101

In my other recent blog post I described the webplayer regression rig which we are building.  When we find regressions it is extremely helpf... 더 읽기

On Web Player Regression Testing

1월 12, 20104

One of the unwritten commitments we make to our customers is that our webplayer will play back their content identically in all versions we ... 더 읽기

Four years ago today…

1월 4, 201012

...I took a plane to Copenhagen. Well ok, it all started a bit before: (더 보기…) 더 읽기