Unity coming to you on faster tubes

6월 26, 200914

Everyone knows the internet is made up of a series of tubes.  Since Unity has such a strong internet component in the webplayer, nothing but... 더 읽기

2.5.1 Webplayer Preview

6월 22, 200910

With Unity 2.5.1 quickly wrapping up development, the last item on our to-do list is verifying webplayer compatibility.  As a team we do sys... 더 읽기

iPhone 1.0.3 to the Rescue

6월 17, 20092

If you're using compressed audio in your iPhone game, then you should grab Unity iPhone 1.0.3. It is a hot fix release with a single purpose... 더 읽기

Unity Community Meetup in San Francisco

6월 17, 20095

In early April a discussion started about possibly getting some folks from the Unity community together during or just after WWDC. The threa... 더 읽기

iPhone 3G S is Hot!

6월 15, 20092

First, lets see what is inside new iPhone 3G S. Number of technical sites wrote reviews already (mostly based on well educated guess since r... 더 읽기

Fixed function T&L in vertex shaders: implemented

6월 10, 20094

Unity roadmap blog post said: Currently Unity mixes the fixed function pipeline for vertex lit objects and vertex shaders for pixel lit l... 더 읽기

Unity Tech SF has a new home!

6월 5, 20098

As Unity Technologies continues to grow in size one of those things we have an increasing need for is office space. Out here in San Francisc... 더 읽기

iPhone Tutorial Update

6월 3, 200925

About a month ago Ethan posted about the Unity Demo Team and the iPhone tutorial that we have been working on. I'm happy to report that the ... 더 읽기

What is this Unity anyway?

5월 26, 20095

A bit over four years ago Unity 1.0 entered beta, and was subsequently released June 6th, 2005. Since then we've released 20 updates, grown ... 더 읽기

Blast from the recent past – Unity 2.5

5월 16, 20091

For some reason I was browsing through old emails and found some old development screenshots of Unity 2.5. Unity 2.5 was the first versio... 더 읽기

The Unity blogs are now web player enabled!

5월 12, 200927

I interact with the WordPress blog engine both here at work as well as at home for my personal blog. Given that WordPress experience, and th... 더 읽기

My first post, and an iPhone touch phase mini-tutorial!

5월 7, 20099

This is my first post on the Unity blog and will be short because...hey, I still have more work to do. However, I wanted to drop a quick... 더 읽기

Demo Team

4월 30, 200913

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The Demo-Team! (cue 80's awesomeness) Wel... 더 읽기