Mixamo’s Auto-Rigger

9월 21, 201114

Our friends at Mixamo have been working on new solutions for game developers.  You can already use their animation tools inside the Unity As... 더 읽기

Animating skinned mesh along waypoints in Unity

9월 20, 201110

This post is a guide to importing a skinned mesh with a looping animation and then animating it's position in Unity. At the end of the guid... 더 읽기

“Special Effects with Depth” talk at SIGGRAPH

9월 8, 201114

Ole and I promised to share the slides from our talk at the SIGGRAPH 2011 Studio. The presentation covers various graphics techniques that u... 더 읽기

Art Assets – best practice guide

9월 2, 201126

Unity supports textured 3D models from a variety of programs or sources. This short guide has been put together by games artists with develo... 더 읽기

Unity and Flash : a sneak peek.

9월 1, 2011131

Over the last few months here at Unity, we have been hard at work on, amongst many other cool things, the ability to publish from Unity to t... 더 읽기

London Unity User Group 4: All Your Unity Are Belong To Us

9월 1, 20115

At the latest London Unity User Group, the evening kicked off with a beginner talk by Jasper Stocker, and was followed by 'Open Mic' talks b... 더 읽기

Asset Store Road Map

8월 31, 201130

Hi people. After the roadmap blog post about where we’re taking the core Unity tools, we thought it was time to give you guys a heads-up abo... 더 읽기

Unity Hotkeys – keyboard shortcuts in Unity

8월 24, 20117

This page gives an overview of the default Unity Hotkeys 더 읽기

“Fast Mobile Shaders” talk at SIGGRAPH

8월 18, 201112

Yes! I did a talk at SIGGRAPH! Ahem. So yeah, a bunch of us were at SIGGRAPH 2011 in lovely Vancouver, doing talks, meeting people and... 더 읽기

Asset Store Action News – August 2011 Edition!

8월 17, 20113

Greetings Unity developers & Asset Store users! The recent release of 3.4 brought many awesome new features to Unity.. with it came a... 더 읽기

Unity Track Day at GDC Europe

8월 11, 2011

We are hosting another Unity Track Day at next week's GDC Europe conference in Cologne, Germany! The Unity Track Day is being held on Tuesda... 더 읽기

Procedural materials tutorial – Substance in Unity

8월 9, 201122

This guide is designed to briefly explain what Substance is, how to create new substance materials from a substance material asset, apply th... 더 읽기

Unity at Siggraph

8월 8, 201112

Hi Friends! Some of us are in Vancouver this week teaching and talking at The Siggraph Studio. If you are attending Siggraph, stop by the Un... 더 읽기