Serialization in Unity

6월 24, 201439

In the spirit of sharing more of the tech behind the scenes, and reasons why some things are the way they are, this post contains an overvie... 더 읽기

Unity 5: API changes & automatic script updating

6월 23, 201458

As the breadth of the Unity feature set keeps on growing, and as we build it with more and more engineers at the same time, the necessity fo... 더 읽기

Unity for PlayStation®Mobile – full release!

6월 20, 201420

Following hot on the heels of the PlayStation®Mobile (PSM) public preview, we’re proud to announce the full official release of the Unity fo... 더 읽기

Crash course training days in the UK

6월 19, 201430

We’re excited to announce a series of training days across the UK, running throughout the rest of the year. These workshops are a high-inten... 더 읽기

The Unity Community Out in Force at E3

6월 17, 201410

E3 is always an exciting time for the games industry. We get to watch the fireworks and amazing games announced and/or demonstrated at the s... 더 읽기

Unity for PlayStation®4 is here!

6월 16, 201426

What PS4 features are available? Unity for PlayStation®4 brings support for powerful next-generation technologies such as Shader Model 5 an... 더 읽기

All about the Unity networking transport layer

6월 11, 201454

Get a general overview of the UNET system here, or read on to learn about the UNET transport layer foundation! When we started to design th... 더 읽기

DevGamm: In Russia, Unity develops with you

6월 10, 20146

Until recently, the Russian market has been supported from Vilnius, with evangelist Oleg Pridiuk spearheading community outreach. At DevGamm... 더 읽기

Unity Test Tools 1.3 – responding to your feedback

6월 9, 201413

Hi again! This time is will be much shorter. The 1.3 version update for Unity Test Tools is out and I want to share some of the goodness it ... 더 읽기

No Limits – Unity in Cross Industry Development

6월 5, 201415

We’re definitely happy that we’ve had a role in the awesome changes that are making the games industry a more even playing field for develop... 더 읽기

Asset Store applications section launches with awesome one week sale

6월 4, 20148

Fuse by Mixamo. Save 20% 'til June 11th! Want unique characters in your 3D projects?  Fuse gives you the ability to quickly create quality ... 더 읽기

From Zero to Hero: The Asset Store Publisher Story

6월 4, 20146

The Australian developer is the more chaotic half of the Doppler Interactive duo. Wife Jessica provides game ideas for their projects as wel... 더 읽기

Unit testing part 2 – Unit testing MonoBehaviours

6월 3, 201431

As promised in my previous blog post Unit testing part 1 – Unit tests by the book, this one is dedicated to designing MonoBehaviours with te... 더 읽기