Unity 4 beta for Windows Phone 8.1 apps

4월 2, 201429

The initial beta program has limited capacity, and is only open to experienced Unity developers who have had Unity Windows Phone 8 or Window... 더 읽기

GDC 2014 Wrap-up

3월 29, 201414

10 short  years ago, Unity was just 3 guys in a basement trying to create tech to enrich the lives of developers. Who would have thought tha... 더 읽기

Physically-based shading upcoming in Unity 5.0

3월 20, 201458

Get an overview of the highlights from our video: Our Physically-based shader has been maturing for quite a while. It is built on ideas w... 더 읽기

Unity 5!

3월 18, 2014164

You will be blown away. Unity 5.0 ushers in the 64-bit era, we’re upgrading PhysX to the newest and most powerful 3.3, and a new multithr... 더 읽기

Breaking news: welcoming Everyplay and GameAds to the Unity family!

3월 13, 201431

That’s how we find ourselves here today, announcing that Unity is acquiring Applifier in order to integrate its incredible Everyplay and Gam... 더 읽기

Unity Test Tools 1.2 have been released

3월 12, 201412

Few days ago we released version 1.2 of Unity Test Tools. Today, I would like to highlight some of the recent changes and discuss main pain ... 더 읽기

Unity at GDC 2014

3월 11, 201413

The annual celebration of everything game development is upon us again! The Game Developers Conference is a big show for Unity and this year... 더 읽기

The Unity Community: We’ve got Karma!

3월 11, 201419

If you are new to the Unity world, the Forums contain several sub forums for specific development topics, it’s great for discussing larger a... 더 읽기

Unity and Architecture

3월 6, 20147

Interactive applications allow you to walk around something that hasn’t been built yet or has been lying in ruins for centuries. Even though... 더 읽기

How do we use code coverage for Unity?

2월 27, 20142

Previously we have written about our Runtime Tests,  Performance Tests and Unity Test Tools. In this blog post I will tell you about how we ... 더 읽기

Mike Bithell: The Asset Store is a path to more ambitious indie games

2월 25, 201433

Thomas Was Alone is an award winning indie puzzle platformer game. Though Mike is an experienced game designer, he first learned Unity while... 더 읽기

Unity Night in Odessa

2월 20, 20142

Building Quality This presentation focused on what we do to make Unity awesome, giving an overview of the QA teams and the tools we use in ... 더 읽기

Exclusive offer for Unity developers building games for Windows

2월 19, 201413

Last November I shared with you that we’d surpassed 1000 games made with Unity across Windows Store and Windows Phone. Well, it looks like t... 더 읽기