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Inside Tribeca Film Festival: Made with Unity projects debut at Tribeca Immersive

4월 24, 2018

Of the 27 projects in the Tribeca Immersive program this year, 17 are made with Unity. From multiplayer musical playgrounds to powerful mixe... 더 읽기

Setting the standard for excellence: Unity Certifications for Technical Artists now available worldwide

2월 8, 20186

We have created the only advanced professional certifications for Technical Artists in the games industry. Register here to take the exam! ... 더 읽기

네온챌린지를 소개합니다!

12월 1, 201723

$20,000의 상금을 눈앞에 두고 유니티와 에셋 스토어를 활용하여 여러분은 어떤 미래 실시간 환경 씬을 만들어 낼까요? 뛰어난 제작자들이 자신들의 창의적인 비전을 실현하도록 돕는 일은 언제나 Unity 주요 미션의 하나였습니다. 유니티는 유나이... 더 읽기

Unite Austin 2017 Keynote Recap

10월 4, 201714

Unite Austin 2017 has just kicked off in Austin, Texas! Artists, developers, educators, filmmakers, researchers, storytellers have come toge... 더 읽기


10월 4, 201714

Neon is a small environment created by our Demo team’s creative director Veselin Efremov in just a couple of days, with Unity 2017.1 and mod... 더 읽기