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Our response to Improbable’s blog post (and why you can keep working on your SpatialOS game)

1월 10, 2019255

Improbable published a blog post regarding their relationship with Unity earlier today. Improbable’s blog is incorrect. We terminated our... 더 읽기

A Look Inside: Unity Release Management Series

8월 1, 201614

I didn’t expect to be writing up this blog post. I initially wrote up an email congratulating the company on our release and highlighting ch... 더 읽기

유니티 5.4 출시 – 새로운 버전에서는 다음과 같은 기능을 만나볼 수 있습니다

7월 28, 2016105

드디어 유니티 5.4가 출시되었습니다! 여기에서 다운로드 할 수 있습니다! 지난 3월에 발표한 바와 같이 최상의 품질과 안정성을 보장하기 위해 유니티 5.4 베타 테스트에 추가 리소스를 확보하였습니다. 베타 테스터 여러분들의 도움이 없었다면 불가능했... 더 읽기

Maintaining a stable version of Unity while keeping up the pace of innovation

3월 15, 201638

In response to recent user feedback, we’ve decided to make a full public beta of Unity 5.4 available in addition to our current stable relea... 더 읽기

Enhanced visuals, better performance, and more: the Unity 5.4 public beta is ready for you to download

3월 15, 201660

As part of our commitment to bringing you stable products, Unity 5.4 is now available as a beta to all Unity users, including everyone using... 더 읽기

Unity Technologies New Parental Leave Policy

1월 21, 201621

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to balance work when starting a family. Historically, that has meant postponing, or even ending, the mother’s c... 더 읽기

Mike Capps Joins Unity as Internal Advisor

5월 7, 201517

I’m very excited to announce that Dr. Mike Capps will be joining Unity Technologies as an advisor to me, our exec team and to our core R&... 더 읽기

Announcing Support for Microsoft HoloLens

4월 29, 201533

Holograms for all! We’ve expanded our strategic collaboration with Microsoft to include full support for Microsoft HoloLens holographic comp... 더 읽기

Leading Unity into the Future

10월 22, 2014219

Hello everyone! As you all know, we’ve been making some big moves at Unity lately. We’ve partnered with some amazing companies and begun put... 더 읽기

Expanded Oculus Rift Support in Unity

9월 20, 201465

More awesome news today as Brendan Iribe, during his Oculus Connect conference keynote, announced that our two companies have extended our p... 더 읽기

Great News for PlayStation Developers!

9월 17, 201429

(Edit: There have been a few questions about the Pro nature of these tools. To clarify, it is not necessary to own Unity Pro to take advanta... 더 읽기

Building and Maintaining Value for Developers

8월 14, 201481

It’s hard to believe, but there’s less than a week left until Unite! We’re very excited to meet so many of you, and we’ll have more develope... 더 읽기

Unity Roadmap 2011

6월 16, 2011203

Unity 3.4 is nearing release, and we wanted to share some the features that will be included and also share with you a roadmap for what we a... 더 읽기