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Learn how Google’s Poly works with Unity EditorXR

11월 30, 20173

With our launch of Poly for Unity EditorXR and Google’s new Poly Toolkit for Unity, you can now import Poly models directly into your VR pro... 더 읽기

EditorXR 및 SceneFusion 업데이트

11월 21, 2017

지난해 12월 사전 알파 테스트 버전을 출시한 이후, 무수한 실험을 거쳐 EditorXR을 개선해 나가고 있습니다. 이번 포스팅에서는 개발 진행 상황의 주요 내용을 공유해드리고자 합니다. 또한 Kinematic Soup의 Scene Fusion 최신 ... 더 읽기

Looking to the future of mixed reality (Part III)

10월 9, 20176

In this third and final part of the series we analyze how foundational platforms will and must evolve, and outline our vision of how MR appl... 더 읽기

Looking to the future of mixed reality (Part II)

9월 21, 20174

Thoughts about design. Part I of this series summarized the current and future issues facing mixed reality and its adoption in the mainstrea... 더 읽기

Looking to the future of mixed reality – Part I

9월 5, 20179

In this 3-part series we analyze areas we believe should be addressed for mixed reality to become mainstream, and not only to improve existi... 더 읽기

Multi-material: Using custom Inspectors and Scriptable Objects for UDIM materials

8월 1, 20177

The Unity Labs team is experimenting with bringing film-quality assets, designed for maximum fidelity but non-realtime rendering, into the 6... 더 읽기

Animating Inside VR: Mixing motion capture and keyframes

7월 24, 201714

In the Unity Labs Authoring Tools Group, we explore the future of content creation, namely around how we can use XR to make 3D content creat... 더 읽기

Experimental Feature: De-Lighting Tool

7월 7, 2017

Photogrammetry is becoming more and more popular in the CG industry. Being able to use a regular camera as a powerful 3D scanner opens an ap... 더 읽기

VFX Toolbox: Experimental Image Sequencer Update

1월 27, 2017

 Hey VFX Artists! We are releasing today an update of the Image Sequencer with many improvements. Be sure to download it and give it a try! ... 더 읽기

Free VFX Image Sequences & Flipbooks

11월 28, 2016

It is not so common to have either resources or budget to author smoke, fire and explosion flipbooks in video game industry. Here are some i... 더 읽기

An Artist-Friendly Workflow for Panoramic HDRI

8월 28, 2016

SIGGRAPH course 2016: An Artist-Friendly Workflow for Panoramic HDRI Image-based lighting (IBL) with high dynamic range images (HDRI) is ... 더 읽기

List View Framework

8월 5, 2016

In order to implement project Carte Blanche’s card system, we developed an extensible framework for creating dynamic, scrollable lists of ob... 더 읽기

Speech Recognition and VR

8월 2, 2016

Speech recognition is useful for VR not only for simulating conversations with AI agents but also for the user to communicate with any appli... 더 읽기