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Unity Education – From classrooms to conferences

2월 21, 2020댓글

Around the world, students and teachers are using Unity to bring their creativity to life. See how real-time technology helps people inside ... 더 읽기

Reach your goals with Unity’s official online learning platform

1월 30, 20206

Learning Unity can be challenging. Make it easier with Unity Learn, our official online learning platform that's designed to help you reach ... 더 읽기

Level up your VR skills with a free, new course from Unity and Oculus

+1 11월 13, 20196

We’ve partnered with Oculus to create a free intermediate level course, “Design, develop and deploy for VR.” You’ll learn VR best practices ... 더 읽기

Buried Memories: High Fidelity Game Visuals in Unity Learn Premium

+1 10월 29, 2019

The Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh asset pack was released in the Summer of 2019 by Asset Store Originals and provides AAA quality, high f... 더 읽기

Take aim at making your first Unity game

10월 28, 201911

You read it here first: we partnered with iLLOGIKA to create a first-person shooter (FPS) video game template (or “Microgame”) to help new u... 더 읽기

Create with Code: Learn & teach computer programming by making games

8월 14, 201910

Create with Code is Unity Education’s new, free program for teaching and learning computer science and Unity development. Channel students’ ... 더 읽기

With a qualified expert to assist you, Unity Live Help makes learning easy

8월 6, 20199

We’re excited to announce Unity Live Help (Beta), our new platform for one-on-one lessons. Read on to learn how Unity Live Help can help you... 더 읽기

Upgraded and Updated: Scripting your next game with Visual Studio and Unity

+1 7월 9, 201920

We are excited to announce a refresh of our popular beginner and intermediate scripting tutorial videos, available free on Unity Learn. We t... 더 읽기

Introducing Unity Learn Premium: Get direct guidance from experts

6월 27, 201918

Level up your skills with exclusive access to Unity experts, live sessions, and a comprehensive library of resources for in-demand skill set... 더 읽기

사례 연구: 분쟁 지역 아동의 학습과 성장을 돕는 게임

+1 6월 13, 20184

에릭 마틴(Erik Martin)과 리아나 홈버그(Liana Holmberg), 2018년 6월 13일 커뮤니티 유니티는 학습과 교육을 위한 혁신적인 도구를 비롯하여 광범위한 게임 제작 및 경험 구현을 지원합니다. 이러한 콘텐츠는 효과적인 ... 더 읽기

2D 게임 키트 소개: 드래그 앤 드롭으로 유니티 배워보기

+1 2월 13, 201824

Explorer 2D 게임 키트(Explorer 2D Game Kit)는 코드를 작성하지 않고도 게임플레이를 구성할 수 있는 작동원리, 툴, 시스템과 에셋의 컬렉션입니다. 이러한 시스템을 사용하여 만든 게임 예시를 보면서 유니티에서 Explorer 2... 더 읽기

Get Started in Unity with Interactive Tutorials

9월 7, 201722

Interactive Tutorials are a new fully interactive way of getting started in Unity. The new Tutorial panel in Unity 2017.2 guides you and ... 더 읽기

Game Girl Workshop – more fun than going to the cinema!

10월 12, 201612

Yesterday, 11 October, was International Day of the Girl Child. I want to celebrate this and share a story about four girls that made a game... 더 읽기