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유니티의 현재와 미래: 함께 도약하는 2020년

3월 19, 202058

모두가 힘든 시기이지만, 유니티는 크리에이터가 더 직관적이고 쉽게 아이디어를 구현할 수 있도록 지속적으로 노력하고 있습니다. 크리에이터가 더 많아질수록 세상은 더 매력적인 곳이 될 거라 믿기 때문입니다. 차별화된 서비스로 사용자를 지원하고자 하는 노력... 더 읽기

Crossing into the 4th dimension – how Carl Emil Carlsen creates generative art with Unity

3월 9, 2020댓글

Have you experienced visual music or witnessed a virtual performer dance right into the audience? In this post, we go behind the scenes with... 더 읽기

50 Megatons of real-time collaboration: This student film made with Unity is getting noticed

2월 19, 20205

How did a student film on a minimal budget find itself sharing the nominee spotlight with blockbuster productions like The Lion King and The... 더 읽기

Unity Awards 2019: Voting is open

12월 6, 20194

Each year, we celebrate the fantastic games, tools, and experiences you have created using Unity. This year is no different! The Unity Award... 더 읽기

Bringing immersive storytelling to brands at NewFronts West 2019

9월 19, 20192

Storytelling transports us to new worlds. Remember when you were five years old and you could imagine the stories you heard coming to life? ... 더 읽기

Raise a bird in Unity, bring it to life with AI, & make Twitter love it

8월 12, 20194

This year at AWE 2019, Chandana ‘Eka’ Ekanayake, co-founder and studio director of Outerloop Games, walked through the development process b... 더 읽기

Community Component – audio design, pixel games, custom tools and Best of Made with Unity on YouTube

6월 22, 20194

We’re back with another Community Component! Today we’re celebrating your game dev journeys, highlighting makers of cool pixel art, intricat... 더 읽기

고속 주행 차량 IndyCar의 AR 시뮬레이션 활용 사례

5월 24, 20192

매년 모터스포츠 열성 팬들은 “최고의 레이스 행사”로 불리는 Indianapolis 500을 손꼽아 기다립니다. 세계 최고 레이싱 드라이버 33인이 이번 메모리얼 데이 주말에 선보일 500마일 경주를 준비하는 동안, 크리에이터 팀이 Unity와 Aut... 더 읽기

The first-ever Unity Humble Bundle is available now

9월 10, 201837

We are excited to announce that we partnered with Humble Bundle to launch our very first Unity Humble Bundle, which includes seven Steam gam... 더 읽기

Flipping Death: Bringing unique 2D puzzlers to Nintendo Switch with Unity

4월 27, 2018

What does Zoink Games mean when they refer to Flipping Death as the spiritual successor to their previous hit game, Stick It to the Man? The... 더 읽기

Faces of Unity: Sarah Stumbo

4월 19, 2018

Unity is an amazing place to work, fueled by equally amazing people! We hope you will enjoy getting to know our company and our staff a litt... 더 읽기

Meet the inspiring Unity developers of tomorrow

2월 26, 2018

Whether making short animated films, cinematic experiences or games that tackle social or mental health issues, young Unity developers are r... 더 읽기

A 2D dream comes to life with Unity: 2D Physics in forma.8

2월 5, 20182

Mauro Fanelli first started using Unity on his Mac back in 2005, but until relatively recently, he had never been a dedicated game developer... 더 읽기