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Unity Downloader: Powering the Editor as a continuous integration dependency

7월 15, 201917

Unity has been using Katana over the years for continuous integration (CI). Katana is used for building the releases and running all our int... 더 읽기

Unity Packages Life Cycle

5월 9, 201827

By now, you’ve noticed a plan for Unity involving packages, which has been steadily moving forward. The story kicked off with the ProBuilder... 더 읽기

Unity 2018.2 beta: What’s new

5월 7, 201837

The recently launched Unity 2018.1 marks the start of a new cycle that will enhance Unity’s core technology. It is built upon the early stag... 더 읽기

Project Management is evolving! Unity Package Manager Overview

5월 4, 201818

Unity 2017.2 introduced the Package Manager, a modular system and API that dynamically loads and updates new Unity-developed features in you... 더 읽기