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2D 게임 키트 소개: 드래그 앤 드롭으로 유니티 배워보기

+1 2월 13, 201824

Explorer 2D 게임 키트(Explorer 2D Game Kit)는 코드를 작성하지 않고도 게임플레이를 구성할 수 있는 작동원리, 툴, 시스템과 에셋의 컬렉션입니다. 이러한 시스템을 사용하여 만든 게임 예시를 보면서 유니티에서 Explorer 2... 더 읽기

Making cool stuff with ScriptableObjects

11월 20, 201734

I'm Matt Schell, the Senior Screencaster on the Online Evangelism team at Unity. I make stuff in Unity and teach others how to do it via our... 더 읽기

A new way to learn Unity: Game development from A-to-Z

11월 2, 201721

New to Unity? Start building with Unity Game Dev Courses and create your own dungeon crawler game, Swords and Shovels. Learn by building L... 더 읽기

Get Started in Unity with Interactive Tutorials

9월 7, 201722

Interactive Tutorials are a new fully interactive way of getting started in Unity. The new Tutorial panel in Unity 2017.2 guides you and ... 더 읽기

Turn your character into a player!

4월 14, 20149

This blog post will run you through the steps to import, animate and control your character as a player in Unity. It is designed to be 3D pa... 더 읽기

Learn Unity Update #3 : Phase 1 and Lab Testing

2월 11, 201340

Here at Unity, since last August we've been pushing ahead with our plan to create a totally new learning area on the site, and as a larger c... 더 읽기

Learn Unity – Update #1

9월 11, 201249

First off thanks to everyone who has commented or emailed regarding our first blog post about the new learn area of the website we're workin... 더 읽기

Art Assets – best practice guide

9월 2, 201126

Unity supports textured 3D models from a variety of programs or sources. This short guide has been put together by games artists with develo... 더 읽기

Procedural materials tutorial – Substance in Unity

8월 9, 201122

This guide is designed to briefly explain what Substance is, how to create new substance materials from a substance material asset, apply th... 더 읽기