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Automatic Setup of a Humanoid

2월 7, 201324

The humanoid animation option in Unity 4 makes it possible to retarget the same animations to different characters. The characters can have ... 더 읽기

DirectX 11 Competition Winner and Showcase!

2월 1, 201323

Last month we threw out the challenge to create something intensely-crazy-amazing in Unity 4 with DirectX 11. We put forward $10,000 and a t... 더 읽기

Testing Unity 4.0

11월 14, 201223

In the aftermath of all the features and goodies Unity 4.0 will give you, I’d like to bring you the story of how the quality assurance, or “... 더 읽기

Unity 4 is out!

11월 13, 201246

Ahem. I’m really happy to tell you all that Unity 4 is officially released. We have been hard at work putting the final touches on thi... 더 읽기

Unity’s ready for the iPad 4 and new iPad Mini!

11월 1, 201230

iOS developers around the world are waiting impatiently for Friday, November 2, when the new iPad4 and iPad Mini ship. The iPad4 promises im... 더 읽기

Unity 4.0 third public beta (including free version)

11월 1, 201222

Helloes! We are in the finishing stages of Unity 4.0 release. So here's the third beta build: A chang... 더 읽기

Unity 4: DirectX 11

7월 13, 201219

In Unity 4 we are offering you the chance to start working with some of the advanced features made possible by DirectX 11. In this video, Re... 더 읽기

Unity 4: AAA graphics and performance for your mobile games

7월 5, 201233

Hi from the Unity Mobile team, With Unity 4, you will have 10 platforms to which you can publish your awesome game. But in this blog, we’... 더 읽기

Unity 4: Linux Publishing Preview: What, How, and Wherefore

7월 3, 201283

Hi, we’re Na’Tosha and Levi, a couple of the developers responsible for Linux publishing in Unity 4. We’ve seen that you’re happy about Unit... 더 읽기

Unity 3.x and 4.x going forward

6월 24, 201247

Unity 4 was just announced, and many of you are probably thinking about if you should upgrade to Unity 4.0 now or later. Whither Unity 4.... 더 읽기

Unity 4: More Mecanim!

6월 20, 201283

Hi, My name is Robert Lanciault. I am lead developer for Mecanim at Unity. I wrote this post to provide more information about what you c... 더 읽기