Learn 3D art optimization for mobile with Arm

February 1, 20213

Our new course, 3D Art Optimization for Mobile Applications, is designed for technical artists and content creators. Upskill your mobile gam... Read more

Take a ride with the Auto Showroom Sample Template and Volvo XC40 Recharge

+1 January 29, 20218

Our latest sample template features a photorealistic, adjustable showroom with a 3D model of Volvo Cars’ electric SUV XC40 Recharge. Jumpsta... Read more

How Respawn took VR Above and Beyond the status quo

January 29, 20212

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is one of the most ambitious projects Respawn has ever undertaken. An action packed, incredibly immersive V... Read more

Unity 2021.1 beta is available for feedback

January 27, 202129

The Unity 2021.1 beta kicks off this year’s Tech Stream with a continued focus on quality and productivity, plus integrated visual scripting... Read more

Prepare students for in-demand careers with new high-impact resources

January 25, 20211

The Unity Academic Alliance, a program for postsecondary institutions, now features valuable new additions including competency-based curric... Read more

Harness the Ray Tracing capabilities of Unity’s HDRP with NVIDIA

+1 January 25, 20213

We are excited to announce Unity will be presenting the latest Ray Tracing features found in the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) in a... Read more

2D Pixel Perfect for a crisp conquest in Skul: The Hero Slayer

+1 January 21, 20213

With 2D Pixel Perfect, the 2D team at Unity wanted to make it easy for creators to produce sharp and clear pixel art of various sizes and sc... Read more

Importing 3D product data into Unity Forma

+2 January 20, 202110

Unity Forma makes it easy to create and publish marketing content and interactive experiences, including real-time 3D product configurators,... Read more

Augment assembly work planning with digital human simulations

January 19, 2021Reply

Learn how Unity is supporting the MOSIM research project to simulate and analyze complex, realistic human motions for a range of manufacturi... Read more

GameTune: Introducing reinforcement learning for optimizing the player lifecycle

January 18, 20211

Across the board, we’ve found that developers have significant interest in using machine learning to fine-tune a game from a truly objective... Read more

Create high-fidelity worlds with NatureManufacture

January 18, 20213

Build AAA-quality real-world environments Creating high-fidelity immersive worlds for players requires massive attention to detail – and sp... Read more

5 innovative projects tackling pandemic challenges with real-time 3D

January 14, 2021Reply

Learn how enterprises are overcoming COVID-19 challenges by turning to immersive technologies, and how these tools will continue to affect t... Read more

Grow with the Unity Certified Instructor (UCI) Program

January 12, 2021Reply

Have you considered using your Unity skills to help other professionals? Be part of a supportive community of instructors, share knowledge a... Read more