How to speed up 2D art workflows with 2D PSD Importer

+2 April 20, 202112

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New Unity Educator plan provides free tools to teach Unity and empower your students

April 19, 20211

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Supercharge your computer vision models with synthetic datasets built by Unity

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On-Demand QA Testing with Unity Automated QA

April 16, 20218

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Mortenson releases Unity on Climate Pledge Arena

April 16, 2021Reply

Mortenson used Unity to create a virtual reality (VR) walkthrough of Climate Pledge Arena, the new home of the Seattle Kraken. The immersive... Read more


Join Unity Pulse, the community at the heart of building a better Unity

April 15, 20219

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Velodyne Lidar and Unity team up to enhance lidar simulation

April 15, 20212

Data volume is one of the main challenges facing lidar simulation. One leading lidar solution provider is using Unity’s Sensor SDK, System G... Read more

Find out what’s new for the Addressable Asset System

April 14, 20219

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Bursting into 2021 with Burst 1.5

April 14, 20215

Our High Performance C# (HPC#) compiler technology, Burst, just keeps getting better. That’s why we want to unpack some major improvements m... Read more

It’s time to sprint into Spring with the Asset Store

April 12, 20211

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How indie studio VRFX uses Unity and ArtEngine for real-time filmmaking

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Boosting computer vision performance with synthetic data

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Enter the Boss Room: our new multiplayer sample game

+1 April 8, 202117

Explore Unity’s new, experimental netcode library and the underlying patterns of a multiplayer game in our small scale cooperative RPG, Boss... Read more