Creating Lovecraft Country: Sanctum – a chat with The Mill

April 2, 2021Reply

If you’re a fan of science fiction stories and old-style pulp magazines, you might have sat transfixed in front of Lovecraft Country on HBO ... Read more

Tales from the optimization trenches: Saving memory with Addressables

March 31, 202123

Efficient streaming of assets in and out of memory is a key element of any quality game. As a consultant on our Professional Services team, ... Read more

Build stunning mobile games that run smoothly with Adaptive Performance

March 30, 202110

Learn how to use Adaptive Performance to tune your mobile game – balancing frame rates and graphics. Get the latest details about updates to... Read more

Retention: Ideas and solutions to keep players coming back to your game

March 29, 20211

Findings In the Unity 2021 Gaming Report show engagement levels for games on all platforms rose during 2020. Understandably, with COVID-19 r... Read more

Real-time 101: explore the end-to-end animation process in Unity

March 26, 202133

What happens when you take a badger, a bullfrog, a bunny, and a bear, and bring them together in a Unity scene? Pretty much anything you ... Read more

Zutari uses Unity to design renewable energy sites for a more sustainable future

March 25, 20212

See how Zutari, a South African engineering consultancy, is using Unity’s real-time 3D development platform to automate large-scale solar ph... Read more


Building and running massive online interactive live events

March 24, 20212

We’ve partnered with Genvid, creators of a toolset allowing you to create richly interactive livestreams, turning your viewers into particip... Read more

Mapping what’s next for in-car navigation experiences

March 24, 20211

We’re teaming up with HERE Technologies, the world’s leading location platform that collects data from over 100,000 sources and powers maps ... Read more

Unity 2020 LTS and Unity 2021.1 Tech Stream are now available

March 23, 202120

We know that creators work differently. That’s why we offer two release versions, Tech Stream and Long-Term Support (LTS), so you can choose... Read more

Publisher sale highlight: Show off your game’s true colors with assets from Kronnect

March 22, 2021Reply

Make your game pop with 50% off Kronnect’s stunning visual effects and Editor extensions Whether you’re feeling inspired, looking for inspi... Read more

A new Package Manager experience in Unity 2021.1

March 22, 202120

The Package Manager is a modular system and API designed to speed up your workflows and optimize the size of your runtime by offering Unity-... Read more

Get to know Dragon Crashers – our latest 2D sample project

+2 March 19, 20215

Discover how we took an idle RPG game to the next level with Unity’s native 2D tools. Back in Unity’s 2019 release cycle, we realized our... Read more

Insomniac Games and assisted creation

+1 March 17, 202110

“Games have become a place to immerse ourselves in worlds and a way to be a part of a community when we’re sheltering at home.” – Nathaniel... Read more