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5 replies on “Clean vs. Cluttered GUI”

Tanner, there is that functionality in 3dsmax, a seperate undo just for camera movements. I agree, all 3D software should incorporate it somehow! Perhaps some sort of elastic camera that you can move briefly and it will return to the previous view on release :)

I am still very new to Unity and maybe the feature is there I just haven’t found it yet.

Not directly related to the axis indicator but another feature that I constantly wish for in every 3D program I use is an Undo Camera Move/Rotate keyboard shortcut. I usually want to use this feature when I accidentally rotate or orbit a viewport that was orthographic top or side view. But if the GUI Cube allows you to orient the camera by clicking like you say then I guess I might not need to use the Undo Camera Move/Rotate as often.

I recently was looking for “where is world up” in my Unity scene view and missed an indicator. I only needed it for that moment, so temporarily displaying that information might be a choice. Don’t know whats the best to trigger that (for a short while): button, key-combo ….

You ideas are nice, but will it work for every scenario? Displaying (shortly) an slim axis on request is simple … if you see what i mean.

I think this was made even more clear and easy to use in Maya 2008. The cones were removed from the axes, and instead, there is just a box with sides labeled in text. I suppose that this stops you from being able to get a quick look at any side of the cube which is not visible, so the method in your photo has its merits as well. However, while the little cones sticking out of the box provide instant access to six views, their hit area is less than that of a full cube side, reducing usability. Adding an over state to the cones helps, but I still prefer the cube alone.

For me, it is often just as quick to orbit the camera enough to see the side of the GUI cube that I want, and then click on the cube to get a perfectly axis-aligned view, as it is to choose such a view via any other method. It is certainly quicker than using a drop-down box, and more intuitive, as with a labeled box that rotates with your scene, the ambiguity associated with “which is left vs. right / back vs. front” is either severely diminished or destroyed. Also, it is probably much less likely that you will be using an axis-aligned view in Unity, vs. a modeling/animation package.

Either of these options will provide a reference to world space and a replacement for the drop-down menu. If there is a desire to keep the icon out of the Scene View, which is reasonable, then you could possibly use the tool as an eighth option in drop-down menu.

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