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We haven’t been making a lot of noise out of Unity Technologies HQ lately, but things have not been at a standstill. We’re having daily conversations with top people at the biggest companies in our space (game developers, publishers, huge brands, search, engineering, …), with some pretty wildly awesome things in the pipeline. If only I could tell you, even just 5% of the big things that are brewing. Huge products, big brand entertainment, … auwww how annoyed I am at the secrecy of this industry: why can’t we just all tell everyone what we’re up to!? Just some of the things? Like, right now :)

Okay, what can I tell you? How about:

– 2 x full blown MMO being made with Unity
– 5 x virtual worlds being made with Unity
– 3 x well funded game portals being made with Unity
– several VC funded projects that we haven’t even been told what are about
– And of course thousands of Unity licenses being used for things that we know nothing of

… and that’s not mentioning all the evaluation projects and projects pending funding. 2008 will be a wild ride.

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  1. Ssshhh! You mustn’t say or else, but I can tell you something…

    We’re keeping a close eye on Unity3D and we like what we see very much. We too are excited to get involved but can’t just yet, we have to wait until summer is almost over. Then I hope to be in touch.


  2. It’s true, all this is leaving less time for the staying in touch with our community (and family, and loved ones), but the upside is that it speeds up development of features and platforms, not to mention acceptance of the Unity platform in the market. And that is of value to all of the thousands of Unity users. So in the end it’s a win for us all, though it can feel scary.

  3. I’m sincerely happy for you.
    What a pity that doesn’t give anymore a few time to answer to little companies.