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license_comparisonI always thought that the license comparison page on the Unity website was – well, not confusing, but at least not quite as clear as it could be. That’s why I have spent the last few days creating a new Unity License Comparison table with the help of my colleagues, where the differences can be seen absolutely clearly between Unity Pro, Unity Indie, Unity iPhone Advanced, Unity iPhone Basic, and even Unity Wii.

So if you’re in doubt about which features come with which licenses, head straight to:
Unity License Comparison

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  1. Nice. The only thing missing is Asset Server. When we first bought it, the fact that it was $500 per client was not clear.

  2. Links in the gallery are broken, bud!

  3. Aras Pranckevičius

    abril 29, 2009 às 6:29 am

    @bronxbomber92: not yet.
    @Vikarti: not an error, Indie has always supported shaders.

  4. Unity Indie supports custom shaders?!
    Is is this not error?!

  5. Great improvement!

    Doesn’t Unity iPhone have Plugin support?

  6. Looks great!

    My only comment is you should use tooltips instead of the expanding + icons. Nobody wants to click 20 times to see all of the information.

  7. Thanks so much for this!!! I spent literally two hours last week on the phone with a client discussing which license we need to start an upcoming project. This reference will save me this time many times in the future.

  8. Wow, this looks great! And it gives a quick and easy overview of everything that’s relevant, so it does exactly what a feature comparison should do. Feature comparison “Unity-style”. Thank you!