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UK Office 

The UK Office

Hello everyone!

My first blog post is to announce that our UK office is open and rocking already. There are now five of us working for Unity Technologies from the UK, and we have started recruiting heavily to fill more positions. I will talk about what we are doing at this office in a separate blog post, but put simply we are doing a lot of community, support and QA work here. The office is in a converted convent, at least according to local legend. There is certainly a statue of the Virgin Mary on the end wall of the building. Some of the offices are small and are meant to be where the nuns slept.

Yesterday we had Samantha and Oleg visiting us, so we took a photo to prove to the Danes that we do exist.  Sadly Matt was ill, so the photo only shows 6 of us.

This may not be our final home, but it is convenient for now. As we grow we will look for more permanent and scalable offices. I am thrilled to be involved in the start of this UK arm of Unity Technologies.



UK office crew 

UK office crew — (From left, Oleg, Samantha, Chris, Dave, Graham and Andy).

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  1. Chris fitzsimons

    janeiro 25, 2010 às 5:25 pm

    As you now have a uk office, it would be really good if you could offer a 3 day iPhone/unity beginners course.

  2. Welcome.Open up an China branch, haa~~

  3. Congratulations on opening up the UK office.
    Give me back Matt :) Where is the office?

  4. Wow, how fun to work in a place with such an interesting history. Hope it isn’t haunted ;)

  5. So… were is the office? There’s no mention of it elsewhere on the UT website.

  6. Martin Schultz, Decane

    dezembro 8, 2009 às 9:55 am

    Awesome Graham!

  7. dear graham! congratulation! happy working!!! i would like to add a comment sooner but internet connections are limited in these days in my homeland. i opened unity’s blog from mono’s blog.

  8. Ah. Yes. I’m afraid this happens to me a lot: I have a lousy memory for people.

    Matt’s name rings a bell, but what passes for my memory isn’t telling me anything other than “I recognise this name.”

    A photo usually helps. I do better with faces than names. (I recognised you from the photo up there, not from your name on the blog!)

  9. @ Sean – you don’t remember Matt Reynolds???

  10. First David Lau-Kee, now Graham Dunnett…

    The rumours about the Guildford Middleware Big Band reforming must be true! :)

  11. Good luck guys. You’re making me weepy eyed for the UK. Been 18 months since I’ve been home.

  12. What part of the UK is the office and team based in? if its in Yorkshire i’d love to come visit

  13. Haha! Open up an Irish branch, then I can come visit you all – our taxation rate is much better :P