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Yes, it’s exactly that mysterious build that adds generics support, enables multiplayer for iPhone and noticeably shrinks final binary size. You might have seen some trackbacks on Unity forums.

So what’s so good about it?

Now imagine that you can use all that .NET 2.0 third party libraries, you can use your Unity 2.6 projects without a hassle of converting your code to a restricted .NET 1.1. That’s for the win!

Next is Unity Networking support. Basically you can take your 2.6 multiplayer game, implement controls for iPhone and it will just work. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Remember that old-good Star Trooper demo? Now imagine same thing with multiplayer support. It does work with several Macs and iPhones connected simultaneously. Now it’s only your imagination that limits your multiplayer possibilities for iPhone!

Star Trooper Multiplayer Demo
You'll have that demo as soon as corresponding tutorial is ready for you to get booted up immediately.

You remember that iPhone apps cap has been increased to 20 megs, don’t you? That means that more of your games are available for immediate cellular download for your customers. And if you use Unity iPhone 1.6, you’ll have better chances to keep your game size under that cap. So just go now and build your old game with Unity iPhone 1.6.

Do you feel the size difference? Do you see reduced startup times? Do you notice reduced memory footprint? You do! Sweet, we can see you smiling now.

Oh, by the way, in case you haven’t noticed, this all was free for you… yep, a small detail you hadn’t thought about ;-)

2 replies on “Unity iPhone 1.6 has left the building!”

Hey, this is awesome, good job guys! I can’t wait to jump in on and take it for a spin!

Looking forward to the new Star Trooper demo!
Multiplayer on the phone thats really nice!

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