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Unite 2010 was incredible – undeniably the best Unite ever… but then every one of them has had that honor! :)

We had visitors from as far as India, Israel, Uruguay and Australia – a total of 22 nationalities (and another 15 or so if you include Unity employees). And although these people are all working on different things – from MMOs to mobile games to a host of projects outside of gaming – they’re all remarkably similar in their passion, creativity and intelligence.

At Unite, we also did something we haven’t done since 2005: we launched a new way of doing business. And we did it twice during the Unite keynote (watch it here), which feels kind of wild for us.

The first is the Unity Asset Store, the flagship feature of Unity 3.1 which we launched (as a free update) during the Unite keynote. The Unity Asset Store is accessed from within Unity and is a way to download and buy Unity assets without leaving the app. It’s cool as it launched with around 70 cool packages in it, and from now on, it’ll be the prime repository for Unity assets, whether these are art packages, tutorials, scripts and libraries, or even whole new features for Unity (using the editor extensibility). I promise you that this is going to be big, and with more than 2000 developers having signed up days after it launched, it seems that many agree!

The second is Union – our new business unit created to help you get your titles on new and/or closed platforms to earn additional revenue. We are already accepting submissions of finished mobile games into Union and are really excited about where this will go during 2011.

We’ll post video and presentations from Unite over the next few weeks but you’ll have to go to our Facebook page to see the pics from the conference, including the ones of us dancing on the catwalk at the best-ever Unite party :)

As we look ahead, we’re all laser focused on innovating to expand usability, power and platform reach so we can deliver on our vision of democratizing interactive 3D technology. And with the continued upgrades to the Unity platform as well as the launch of the Unity Asset Store and Union, we’re going broader with that laser sharp vision than ever before!

If we don’t see you before, we hope to get to see you at GDC 2011 in San Francisco – and thank you again for the love and support!

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I wish Unity continued success in making game development and interactive 3D technology simpler and easier to use. Go Democratization! Respectfully, Kevin Simkins

I really don’t know what’s going on…
Do you guys need help getting videos online ?
May I suggest youtube as platform of choice,
It’s really simple to use, and more people can watch the videos (iOS crowd)…

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I have watched the video of the Unit conference, and I was really please to
see all the keynote speakers and Unity members. It is all very inspiring to see that it is really happening for real.
The platform in evolving so fact and more and more people are showing interest in this fantastic tools.
But we do not hear much about the basic version for Android (get it will be about $400 just like the basic i phone), it is possible to have some sort of time scale.
Can I hope to buy it as my Christmas present?

I have tried many time to go back to flash to design games but once you have teasted Unity3D it it impossible to considered any form of development using another package, the workflow is indeed next to nothing.

Long life to Unity and his valuable crew.

It was too late when I learned about UNITE 2010. I really missed the opportunity of learning things that will be very beneficial in my business. I sure did envy those who have participated in the event but good thing another GDC 2011 is announced. I will surely mark it on my calendar to be sure.

I so wish I was at Unite, but it coincided with my birthday :(

I ask for a ticket as a birthday present, but my mum said no :'(

Anyway, watched the videos, enjoyed every second of it.

Thanks, and cant wait to see next years!

@Daniel: don’t worry too much about that dangling “3D” part, we’re slowly but surely working that out of our vocabulary to let everyone know that we’ve got love for both 2D and 3D developers. But old habits die hard so it often still slips in there now and then. As to word on the 2D features we had to defer to a later release, sorry but we have nothing to commit to at this point beyond the fact that they will appear in the 3.x cycle. Bear with us, we’ll get ‘em done!

@Tino: We’re working on them in coordination with the video production firm and once again hope to deliver them sooner as opposed to later. We’ve learned from past mistakes so I expect better this year!

@Kevin: right on, thanks!

I wish Unity continued success in making game development and interactive 3D technology simpler and easier to use. Go Democratization!

Kevin Simkins

Ohhh I don’t like the “3D” in interactive technology part! Are there any leaks of the promised built-in tools to make 2D games easier?

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