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GDCHi! I’m Tricia Gray, Unity’s Marketing Communications Director and Union’s Marketing Director. I am pretty excited about our upcoming presence at GDC in San Francisco. Particularly, the Unity Track Day on

Tuesday, March 1st, 10am to 6:15pm, Room 123 in the North Hall

Below is the schedule and description of our sessions. I will be posting more information on what’s happening at our booth later, but I hope to see you at our Unity Track!


10-11:15am How to Make Money with Union & Technical Introduction to Unity3
Speakers: Brett Seyler, Tom Higgins, and Joe Robins
Brett Seyler, the General Manager of Union, will discuss what Union is all about and how Union can help developers make money.
You hear about Unity all the time, but never saw it in action? Always wanted to try it, but never got around to doing so? Tom and Joe will take you on a lightning tour of what Unity can do, and the platforms it can publish to, so you are well prepared to continue learning at the other Unity sessions.

11:15am-12:15pm Shader Authoring in Unity
Speakers: Shawn White & Robert Cupisz

It’s difficult to make a game today without writing at least one shader. Whether you’re indie, mainstream, or somewhere in the middle, having the ability to write your own shaders will give you what you need to make your game POP! Unity provides a suite of built-in shaders to get you started, but in this talk we’ll get you up to speed on what you need to know about writing your very own shaders in Unity.

12:15-1:45pm LUNCH

1:45-2:45pm Making the Unity Editor do what YOU want
Speakers: Nicholas Francis & Amir Ebrahimi

The extensibility of the Unity Editor is one of its great strengths.  Nicholas and Amir will show how to make the Unity Editor do exactly what you want, instead
of what the creators of Unity thought you wanted.

2:45-3:00pm BREAK

3-4:00pm Building a Better Asset Pipeline
Speakers: Adam Mechtley

With support for a variety of native file formats, Unity has one of the most streamlined asset pipelines for models, textures, and other game assets. This talk will focus on advanced techniques that users can use to extend Unity’s asset pipeline to automate tasks and enhance interoperability with other industry-standard software such as Autodesk Maya.

4:15-5:15pm How Electronic Arts uses Unity
Speakers: Carlos Barbosa

Carlos will discuss how Unity fits into the development workflow at EA Sports, and share their lessons learned from asset pipeline to distribution.

5:15-6:15pm Optimizing for Mobile and Programming Work Flow
Speakers: Erik Hemming & Lucas Meijer

Unity is a 100% C/C++ based game engine that allows gamecode to be written in c#. We’ll describe how this all works when targetting mobile devices, and how to achieve the best looking content with the tools available in Unity. The talk will touch on topics such as profiling and debugging, and also look at how to best optimize the content for a particular platform. We’ll discuss different hardware as well as software limitations of the different mobile devices, and how those affect your target audience.

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For those that we cannot attend GDC this year the videos will be accesible somewhere else? when?

@Jason Amstrad
very soon: Until Monday I think.
And you can see in my point of view a really great project “Albae Online” from Hellscreen Productions. I only say beware of the crows :)

Too bad the sessions are full. I would’ve purchased a GDC pass just for the Unity Track. Hopefully they’ll be in the GDC Vault afterwards.

@Nathali: Let’s just say we think you’ll be very happy with our pathfinding solution :) As far as I know you shouldn’t expect it to be demoed at GDC just yet – it’s a bit too early for that.

But we’ll have other cool new stuff to show at GDC and even more Unity updates will be coming some time after GDC.

@Higor: with an All Access pass (or any other pass that includes Tutorials and Summits days) you have access to the Unity tutorial track, but you should choose it when registering for the pass. Unfortunately as far as I know already a week ago the registration page did say all seats were already taken for the track – I think we were the first or the second track to run out of seats! I’m not sure if there’s still a way to get in, maybe Tricia will know more.

@Ashkan: some of the videos from the tutorial or sponsored sessions are posted for free in the GDC Vault. I’m not sure if that will be the case with these videos, will try to get back to you on that one.

@Jason: Unity Track -that’s March 1st (Tuesday). On March 2nd the regular expo starts and we’ll be all waiting for you at the Unity booth (should be easy enough to spot from the entrance :)

@tricia Just want to clarify the date of the Unity Track Day. The blog entry says March 1st, as does the schedule on But the Unity February Newsletter that was emailed out to developers says March 2nd.

I’m assuming it’s just a typo in the newsletter, but wanted to double-check, just to be sure.

I’ve got the full access pass- do I need to register or anything for this all day shin-dig? BTW, can’t wait to get out there and talk with you guys!

would be good to see something done in Europe too! unfortunatelly, this is half a globe away from me and I cannot come!

Could you say that the AI solution that “you” guys are working on is far more superior than the EKI ONE ?

To avoid confusion.

Please note that Eki one has nothing to do with a pathfinding solution we are working on internally that will be fully integrated into Unity.

Eki one is an AI + pathfinding solution that is being worked on by another company. Looks very interesting.

@tricia Having an All Access pass, can I watch the Unity Track or I need to do something else? It’s my firts time at GDC. ;) Thanks!

would we see any of the sessions recorded for the community or it’s not possible to record GDC sessions? some of thems could be really helpful for all of us. specially shader and editor sessions.

editor documentation is incomplete and in these latest releases you started to don’t document some of the new stuff like water 3 shader and some of the structs and enums for new buildpipeline methods.
be careful otherwise in less than a year you will have a product with incomplete and outdated documentation even the documents about new search/labeling features is less complete than those introduction videos.

@Manon Seppen
I saw that video about the EKI ONE AI system for unity also on youtube.
Hope that it will solve the unity developers their AI problems.

@David Bjorn
Keep it cool and civilized please.
I too want to see more of this new AI system.
For now just try to focus and keep your head clear.
I am sure that unity will have some more interesting things to show us very soon.

@Nathali Abbortini
Ow c’mon !
Hahaha,you’re the ‘genius’ now,with your ‘great’ words ?!
It wouldn’t hurt if unity already showed us a glimpse of the new ai system before gdc 2011.

It is not very wise to rush/haste the guys from Unity to much.
Just let them do their job with a clear mind.
If people rush/haste to much with things,then they will make mistakes very fast.

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@David Bjorn
I read something on the internet about some kind of “EKI ONE” artificial intelligence that will be integrated in the unity 3d editor.

Hey Tricia! The session “Shader Authoring in Unity” and “Making the Unity Editor do what YOU want” have the same description text. I guess this is a mistake. The second one should have a different text.

Best regards!
Martin :-)

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