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London Unity User Group 4: All Your Unity Are Belong To Us

, setembro 1, 2011

At the latest London Unity User Group, the evening kicked off with a beginner talk by Jasper Stocker, and was followed by ‘Open Mic’ talks by myself – demoing a quick Space Shooter demo I made in Unity – and LUUG regular Quickfingers, showing off a game he made for recent Ludum Dare 48 game jam. The headline act was Richard Fine, who gave an excellent talk on creating large game worlds in Unity.

As usual I do my best to capture the LUUG meets for others to catch up with, this time  however I only had a single camera to work with, and no screen capture – ability.. but here is the footage anyway! enjoy folks..

Quickfingers – Making AWOL for Ludum Dare

Richard Fine – Making Large Game Worlds

Part One


Part Two

For more info on London Unity Usergroup, including the next meetup, see the meetup site –

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5 replies on “London Unity User Group 4: All Your Unity Are Belong To Us”

Awesome useful tips/hints for newcomers (and seasoned alike) Unity developers!
Keep it up!

I’ve not got my slides quite ready to post online yet, but they should go up in the next day or two, I promise!

(Also, I should qualify my statement about Rebellion’s games. Obviously I didn’t actually mean that their games aren’t very good. I mean, obviously, the ones *I* worked on were all *excellent*…)

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