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Unite has just flown by in a complete blur, as it always does. The Unity staff are heading their different ways, all across the world to get back to making more awesome tech.

For me personally its been an amazing ride to see the evolution of the conference and the level that we have reached in the last few years. Topping it again next year is certainly going to be a challenge but we do have some extraordinary people who have worked insanely hard to make this years conference the great success it was.

On behalf of everyone at Unity I would like to thank all the people who came to the conference from far and wide. The Unity Community is not only extreemly awesome, it is also the very reason we can all do what we do.

This Unite it was great to finally show some of the super awesome 3.5 and beyond features. When working in one of the development offices at Unity you see these features being developed over time and it can be easy to forget how insanely cool all of this stuff is. So unveiling these new game changing tools to the people who will put them to use is always a joy.

Friday was once again jam packed with some really cool sessions all of which we are working triple hard to get live as soon as humanly possible. Be sure to check out this link in order to see the sessions that are getting converted to videos and being posted to the site. They will be available at the videos section of our site.

Once again, thanks to everyone who was able to attend. I had a truly awesome time and I am almost scared to see if we will continue to have double the number of attendees again next year :)

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Great presentations. Adam Gutterman’s talk, one of the last presentations was the one I found most useful and interesting. Not only was it a well organized talk, the information on how to monitize your apps was captivating. I HOPE that this presentation gets posted online. I’d love to watch it again.

Is there any possibility of making a submission form for attendees to comment on what worked at the conference and what didn’t? Obviously, some of the things that worked and didn’t work were out of the Unite organizers control, but it would be nice to give feedback (unless this comment area is the place to do it, which I highly doubt).

Have you folks considered possibly hosting the videos on iTunes? We could subscribe to the channel and get access to the videos as you folks roll them out. Plus it saves bandwidth to your servers etc … :D

Micro transactions: A love story, was a wealth of useful information, presented by a talented and experienced presenter. Unlike most of the other presentations, this one was aimed directly at the heart of making a successful business, Easily my favorite presentation of the whole conference.

Too bad I can’t remember the presenters name, nor find it on the session list (!)…. Might be a good idea to give the presenters a little credit, like mentioning their names on the website ?

I actually enjoyed Breviks presentation as well, even if it was mostly a walkthrough of game history. And like others are also saying: Getting access to the presenters slides would be really, really nice.

As usual, Unite was also a great opportunity for meeting people, new contacts as well as old friends, and having meetings. To me, Unite this year was much more businesslike, in a good way, than earlier years. And the venue was great.

All in all: Good job, thank you for a great Unite, and see you all next year. (In Las Vegas ? Hawai ? Paris ? :-)

Have to agree with most of what Eric said. There were good presentations and then there was useless. Good ones I liked: “Best Practices for Real-Time Characters”, “Postmortem: Smuggle Truck”, “Scalable Game Development at Schell Games”, “Intro to Editor Scripting”, and “Jagged Alliance Online: Engineering for Large Web Player Games”

Then there pretty good but still bit too much high level overview: “The Pipeline of Prime World” ,

I won’t mention the ones that were useless.

An hour to present is not a very long time. I wish they were given maybe 15 more minutes, just to take questions. I did fly all the way to San Francisco so I don’t mind making the conference more of the whole day.

What separated the good from the bad presentations was either they did a complete overview of what they did/how they did it or focused most of their time on 2 – 3 things. The presenters that focused on something you came away with real knowledge. An hour is just not enough time to explain everything you ever did, you have to pick what is most important.

I also wish that all presenters submitted to Unity their power point presentations and any examples they showed. Then the Unity people can have one place on this site with a link to all the presentation material.

Really like that example code shown at “Intro to Editor Scripting” right now. Its funny I see people asking questions on how to access arrays with SerializedProperty on the UnityAnswers/Forum and that presentation shows you how to do it.

The Unite Conference was fun and informative. I do wish there were more panels/discussions that delve deeper into unity development. Smuggle/Snuggle Truck’s postmortem was easily the most put-together and helpful session. Other sessions toted the new features of 3.5 (I can haz plz?) – great to see, but just left me frustrated that I don’t know when I’ll get to play with it. Some were terrible “So, ya wanna make games?” discussions that provided little more than what a career counselor might offer a middle-school student – notibly the ‘Artists as Programmers’ and ‘Taming the Beast / Particle Effects’ – in fairness, the presenter had only 2 months under his belt and the lighting section was cancelled entirely.

I must note – David Brevik’s keynote was pretty much the worst I’ve ever heard. It was a terrible wiki-summary of game development history that was neither exciting, inspiring, nor did it have anything to do with unity.

The awards were great and I congratulate the winners. However, I was confused by the fact that the same ‘8-or-so’ games were the contenders for every award. There are thousands of unity games out there – many of which are more impressive (and more successful).

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